The French Synthesizer Magician Jean Michel Jarre provoked the content industry in 1983

At its first actual world tour, the most influential electric avantgardist Jean Michel Jarre is currently in Germany in Germany. The visionars such as commercially successful musicians not only used mabstabe in the open air area in the 1980s, but in 1983 also questioned the commerce of the music industry in question.

After Jarre at the beginning of the 80s "Oxygène" had presented the best selling French album, asked friendly artists the star for the composition of background music for an art project. Trivial objects of everyday life should be staged as art. The successful artist who had just given gigantic open-air concerts in China, during composing, came to the idea of having to minimize on the contrary and not marketing his music on mass sales (which had just been fitted to a supermarket), but how to position fine art. From its current composition, only a single plate should be pressed and aimed for a valuable painting on an art acknowledgment. At a time in which everything is standardized and commercialized, the action should deliberately set a sign and demonstrate the uniqueness of a work. The record company was anything but enthusiastic about this unusual distribution channel, but the stubborn Jarre liked it not to be fooled.

Jean Michel Jarres Instrument ARP 2600. Photo: Joe Mabel. License: CC-BY-SA

In the pressing mill, a committee supervised the production of a single copy of the long play plate. In addition, all recordings required for manufacturing was destroyed under notarial supervision – over the Master. Also, the cover consisted of a unique in artist, in which eleven Polaroid photos have been included by the manufacturing process, as well as a place for a two, which should map the descriptors. The master was in the context of the auction on the 6th auction 6. July 1983 by Jarre burned. The auction brought an eloquy of 69.000 Franc, who was donated for a beneficial purpose. So the artist had worked completely for free.

In the first of anonymous acquirer, it was someone who had taken after a car accident in the recovery of Jarres music on the radio. In the meantime, however, the specimen became unknown again. When the radio station RTL played the record in a unique action, Jarre called demonstratively with the words "Piratez Mois!" To do this, the broadcast to cut. Probably from this action comes this bootleg.

Jarres music was always political despite largely missing texts, which probably does not come from about to the son of a camphor of the French resistance. In some countries of the Eastern Block, his music was allegedly pronounced from the official side skeptical. In contrast, in Communist China, he was allowed to give a live concert at a stadium in a stadium in a stadium in a stadium, which he does not love to take, in Chinese "Liberte, egg, Fraternite" accept. Many Chinese should actually have associated his music with freedom. Nevertheless, critics illuminated his cooperation with the former Chinese state authorization. At the two-centenary celebration of the French Revolution, Jarre will be commissioned with a spectacular concert in the district La Defense. In the 90s Jarre joined the invitation of Lech Walensa in Gdansk. In Moscow he broke his crowd record with 3.5 million live viewers. In 1995 he conceived in Paris a concert for the tolerance. Jarre is also UNESCO speaker and ambassador and thus contributes to the awareness of two key projects of the UN: "Water for life"and "Education for all".

Nevertheless, the action was allowed to have had art -lerous motifs than that Jarre wanted to anticipate the program of the Pirate Party. After all, the musician sold 80 million tatters to today – including the albums Zoolook and Rendezvous on which in the titles "Blah-Blah Cafe" and "Fifth Rendez-Vous Part 3"also find parts of the ultimately not so exclusively remaining legendary composition.

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