Picturebook for cineastes: 100 years studio babelsberg

Picturebook for Cineastes: 100 Years Studio Babelsberg

The history of the Babelsberger Studios is associated with large names and coarse works, but at the same time with political abuse of art and economic crisis times. The nearly 260 pages of the coarse-format image band meet the alternating story, they tell of glory of the twenties as well as filmmaking under the rule of the Nazis, from the alternating bath between harmlessness and border gangs in the socialism of the GDR and the Big budget productions of a young age.

Fascination of cinema

That "100 Years Studio Babelsberg" Despite sometimes critical comment and extensive, bilingual text passages, there is a lot of room for relaxed and at the same time exciting entertainment, is equally due to the fascination of the subject as well as the successful presentation. Instead of starting in classic manner at the start, the picture band is travels ruckwarts through the time. Because the works of F.W. Murnau or Fritz for film history also his MOGEN: Entertaining, especially for the young one semester, are the pictures and background information on more recent films such as Anonymous, chicken with plums, The International or V for Vendetta.

That Babelsberg could rise according to the troubled times of the nineties to the International League of Important Film Studios, it becomes clear in the image tape not only on the basis of well-known film titles. At the beginning of her almost 3 kilograms of heavy walzers, the editors have set the congratulations of some particularly prominent filmmakers, including Quentin Tarantino, Kate WinSlet and Tom Hanks.

Informative and detailed

Picturebook for Cineastes: 100 Years Studio Babelsberg

"100 Years Studio Babelsberg" benefits, as well as other titles comparable conception, considerably from the coarse format. On the good half meter of the opened image tape remains still in the detailed text sections on the history of the studios still enough room for upcomplete imaging. Beyond the essays, within purely photographically filled routes, the sometimes double-sided recordings reveal considerable detailed. The eye can hike long and discover again and again. If you are interested in the formation of films, you will find in the set photos countless information on the recording technique used, to build back plants, for costumming, to work of statists and, of course, for trick technology. The scene photos in turn contain some fineness that probably escaped with regard to the filming of the film itself experienced cineasts.


With just under 60 euros costs "100 Years Studio Babelsberg" about as much as half a dozen kino searches. A also from the point of view of enthusiastic film fans certainly not low price. Who has to decide for one or the other, does not easily have it. Finally, the image tape not only provides for long readings, but also for a horizon extended in lateral cinema visits.

100 Years Studio Babelsberg Michael Wedel, Chris Choice, Ralf Schenk Teneues 260 pages, CA. 250 ABB., Texts DT. s. 27.5 x 34 cm 59.90 Euro ISBN: 978-3-8327-9609-9
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