Osram: one year after taking the worries

Osram: One year after taking the worries

One year after the successful contribution offer from AMS for Osram, many employees of the Munchner tradition company are in worries. The Easter-Rich sensor manufacturer is about to complete the power in Munchen. Now, there will be on whether AMS holds himself to the agreements made when taking over, Klaus Abel, who sits for the IG Metall in the OSRAM Supervisory Board.

AMS had long had to fuck past Osram last year. A first revaluation offer in autumn missed the acceptance threshold, the second threatened to fail at hedge funds. But on the 6th. December, the Easter Richer then reported that they had reached the target of 55 percent of the shares. On the 10th. December justified was the result: AMS came to 59 percent: the supervisory offer was clearly successful.

Osram boss Berlien has to go

Until the papers really went to the Osterreicher after all competition law permits, it became summer. Meanwhile, AMS is a good 70 percent of Osram and is there to take the rule concretely too. A profit transfer and dominant contract is decided and will soon be effective. In addition, OSRAM boss Olaf Berlien must go and will be replaced in February by AMS Financial Chef Ingo Bank. The Supervisory Board should already start the 15. December AMS board Thomas Stockmeier presidencing.

That Berlia, who had emphasized in November, to have many ideas for Osram, must go, though to ask, says Abel. After the personnel changes KONNE AMS "really go through". But the trade union representative relies on the usage agreement that offers OSRAM and the workforce a certain protection: "We expect that AMS is a contract", says Abel. And he emphasizes mostly: "We are well positioned to go into the confrontation if you do not consider the agreements."

Worries in the workforce

The worries in the workforce are particularly rotating that AMS could separate from Osram. Especially around the rough automotive area there was always speculation that has always denied AMS. He fits only partly conditionally for the sensor company of AMS.

That the Easter Rich Osram was taking over, was a bang, because the Munchner are actually clear rough. However, the shops at Osram ran badly before the outbreak of the corona crisis. Even for the past business year, they reported deep red numbers. AMS, however, comes with a strong business with sensors for smartphones so far relatively well through the crisis.

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