Opinion: handbag seller should save hasselblad

Hasselblad has been in the sense crisis for years, now it should once again be a new CEO. Perry Oosting is a magnificent distribution specialist, so far he has luxury handshot and gilded smartphones.

Dear readers, the traditional manufacturer Hasselblad does not seem very good at the moment. At least the public revenue numbers of the Victor Hasselblad Aktiebolag indicate. At the parent company Hasselblad Aktiebolag apparently does not look better either. I’m not powerful of Swedish, but rough red numbers with a minus sign in front of them do not look good in any language.

For technical point of view, so much is certain, there is certainly hardly any reason for the high price of Hasselblad cameras today. Hasselblad also increasingly swings from manufacturing to purely exercising. Which is very relative with the refinement. The bandwidth is sufficient here by visually acceptable to complete taste fragment. Compared with the underlying Sony cameras, the Hasselblads are carefully reduced by Grotesk.

That you have probably no success with this strategy, you can also see at the passenger carousel of the youngest past. In November 2013, Ian Rawcliffe replaced his transaction Larry Hansen as CEO. Unnoticable that can not be expired. The Deals which Hansen had incorporated at terminals with Sony were the subject of judicial disputes.

Long kept Ian Rawcliffe on the position but not. He was launched by Perry Oosting as CEO. Oosting was before Bulgari, Gucci and Prada. All three companies make in fashion, the most technically exciting is in the division still the magnetic closure of a python leather surrounding bag. His last stop was at Vertu, there was at least in the broadest sense of technology. Vertu is an English smartphone manufacturer who has happened to the world with groundbreaking innovations such as massif-gold slots for SIM cards. Technically, the expensive phones are little exciting. Thanks to the ruby keypad and other Firefanz, five-storey europare prices can still be achieved for the devices.

I’m really curious in which direction a man like Perry Oosting will control the battered company. Now comes the long-awaited liberation, so a camera that will meet the proud name again? Imperial is not, but extremely unlikely. Probably it will go out on other cherry wood handles. My tip for Perry Oosting Ware the following: Try it with handbags, that the brand was finally given new impetus after a long time! The profit margins in fashion are roughly and the technical challenge is transparent, there could be something. The question of whether the new product range fits the tradition of the family business Hasselblad does not matter either.

The traditional and family business has been since 2011, when a financial investor (aka grasshopper) has taken Hasselblad completely, history.

Sincerely, your Sascha Steinhoff

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