Openproject 11.3 integrated github

OpenProject 11.3 integrated GitHub

Kunftig can be tracked by Github projects directly in OpenProJECT. This link is part of the new version 11.3 of the free project management software. If the module has been added, it is found as a separate tab in the detailed view of the work packages.

All functions directly in OpenProject

At the time, all activities of the linked Github project can be tracked on this OpenProject page. Among other things, developers can plan from here from new functions for their software, create a new branch and perform a pull request.

If such have already been made in Github himself, she also fetches itself fiercely with OpenProject. If the status of a pull request, this can also be seen directly in project management software.

Keep codendings in view

In addition, OpenProject also displays the results of Github Actions, which is a CI / CD tool. The programmer can also use OpenProject to use code control by changing their changes and associated project information directly.

In addition, there are some changes to the user interface and many bugfixes in the new version. Details and the Github integration can be found in the envision of the release. Shortly before, OpenProject had already introduced a link with NextCloud.

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