Openai presents multi-purpose api for text-based ki tasks

Openai presents multi-purpose API for text-based KI tasks

The Ki company Openai has presented an interface with which users can access their text-based KI models. The new API is apparently about a multi-purpose interface that it should allow users to apply not only a special use case, but "spit every text task in English" export, as it is called in a blog post of the company. With the interface, users can evidently integrate the KI offers from Openai into their own applications and adapt them to their own needs.

Permit of the API in a private beta version

With the API, text should be finished in different ways, users can probably be the interface itself on the desired types of output "program" By entering some sample data sets. The use of Bosige purposes, however, is excluded, it is called in the release notes – who tries to produce with the API spam and insults or to commit criminal acts, will be blocked. Due to the potential abuse risk, the company has decided to publish a private beta version, instead of making the API generally available.

The publication is also a gross test run and also serve the internal development of the project. For the start-up, the API should generate revenue to finance research to KI and the necessary security precautions. Interested parties can register for a test access and use the private beta version for free for two months. Openai has set out in a blog entry for which the company publishes a commercial API instead of making his models to open source.

Community in the background

Openai has committed its Ki development in a charter for parapleness. The non-profit organization Openai Inc. Controlled the Silicon Valley Startup Openai, which finances MaBlich Elon Musk and Microsoft. Microsoft had invested a billion US dollar in the provider of KI technology almost a year ago.

Further information can be found in the Release Notes. A test access can request interested parties over a form on the Openai website (there is an upstream waiting list).

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