Online register: federal council makes way free for tax id as a burgermone number

Online Register: Federal Council makes way free for tax ID as a burgermone number

The Federal Council has agreed on Friday the bonded bill, with which the tax ID as a burgoon number is introduced into the public administration. The identifier can thus be used as a surplus proper feature and personal logo in more than 50 particularly relevant databases of the federal and landing including the vehicle and registration registers. The legislative project is now as good as completed.

The data protection officers of the federal government and countries ran against the initiative from the beginning of storm. For she is a general number of persons in the sense of the right to informational self-determination and the parental account of 1983 a kind "Gothic" of the protection of the privacy of the burger.

In the course of the week, several national data protections appealed to their governments to stop the project. "There are solutions that do without a ugregnant person number as the tax ID and are clearly privacy friendly", Stressed about the head of the independent country center for privacy Schleswig-Holstein (ULD). Thus, sector-specific personnel characteristics were used in Austria. Nothing speak against one "Simplification in the administration" – "but not like this".

The scientific service of the Bundestag and other researchers had made massive long-term legislation against the reform. The Federal Council itself first saw the usability of the tax ID in total as a danger if the Federal Scarf Court was tilted the law. Last corrections of the Bundestag voted the state politicians but milder.

Registered identity management

The planned register modernization should be carried out via a kind of umbrella search mask. In order to find the desired record on the basis of basic data such as name and address in different state directories, a personnel code is necessary. The Minister of the Interior of the Confederation and Lermen had recommended here to build on the tax ID and this "To the for a registering identity management" to yield upy elements. She received a Big Brother Award.

The project is considered an important step in order to implement the Lander in Zugzwang-Bringing online access law (OZG) and to digitize more administrative services. The essential requirement for this is that data and evidence can be transmitted electronically. This should not always be done again, but according to EU specifications "ONCE ONLY". Personal reinforcements have to be excluded and the affected burgers can be clearly identified in eGovernment.

The Federal Government already saw the right to self-determination with her draft. She referred to the "4-CORNER model". Accordingly, data should not be exchanged directly between authorities, but about a midfood. over a "Data cockpit" will be comprehensible for the burger, which are home to what information about which information has accessed.

Protection precautions

The Bundestag fugged further safeguards. The processing of the identification number is therefore only "For processing for the provision of administrative services" After the ozg "Due to legislation or with the consent of the person concerned as well as for the purpose of a tab-based census" permeable. Whether the ID may be used in other registers, Parliament must decide separately.

From the list of for a virtual networking of certain databases, the Bundestag stroked the debtor directory, the insolvency register, the legal service provider, the property cadastre and directories of the lawyer chambers. The Federal Government enhanced Parliament to determine the number and demarcation of the sectors through a regulation where data collapsed. The risk should be effective to be effectively limited to a full personality profile by data in a range within a range.

Costs of 300 million euros

Individual sectors are very wide. "Social" For example, the pension should range from health insurance to youth welfare, so many personal data could be combined. The unique costs of the affected agencies for the register transition gave the government with "A total of up to 300 million euros" at. There are also further implementation costs in the first four years of around 108 million euros.

Many of the green-regulated Lander, who, in the Bundesrat in the Bundesrat, still stopped with FDP and left the planned new rules on inventory data information and thus the anti-hate law, did register the register modernization despite a difficult balance of balancing. Not asked for the transparent burger, but the glazed administration.

"We have to finally take progress in the eGovernment", also underlined the Green Group Vice in the Bundestag, Constantine of Notz. In the last loop of the electoral period, the Federal Government presented a solution, "which is built on penetration of extreme dun ice". Grununen had enforced important improvements over the landing chamber. Nevertheless, the question of catching conformity is due to the tax ID "The Damocleeschwert" About the decision.

The IT service provider association Databund and Vitako are behind the law. But they were also proposed to improve his handling in practice. For this purpose, reservation marks, the handling of information databases and identification in the base register as well as the expansion of the data cockpit. The costs mentioned are considered significantly too low.

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