Oettinger calls for eu uniform asylum law

Reduced benefits and short procedures should "Magnetic effect" swake up

EU Digital Commissioner Gunther Oettinger has demanded EU-unified asylum law in the Rheinische Post. In the opinion of the CDU politician, this is therefore necessary, among other things, because the German benefits for asylum seekers and the German asylum procedure with its free lawyer choice and its many instances, appeals and revision options are the most important incentives for the extremely high influx to Europe. A proposal of the EU Commission to harmonize asylum law to the "Magnetic effect" to reduce, stop Oettinger for "conceivable" – Especially then, if member standards the Commission "Reimpling to submit such a proposal".

According to him, there is one in the member countries "Joint concern, as we do not increase the risk of terror in Europe through a Kluge Politics". Member Things to decline Germany in relevant abroad asylum seekers, he expresses it, because the distribution of a tenth of the immigrants in front of the European Court of Justice will be charged and because the governments had to be released.

A punishment of recording membership by the deletion of EU grants is not useful in his opinion, because this was also losing the German economy on behalf of it and because "The inclusion of escape strings by Germany and Austria […] not coordinated with the other EU states [became]". That could therefore right: "We were not asked. So we do not want to be needed in retrospect to support this."

Oettinger plads instead of EU funded "Accommodation in the escape of the escape of the escape of the country of origin" and for quotas, which are considerably lower than the number of immigrants who came to Europe in 2015. The lump-sum residence for Syrians should also be completed in his view because they only resulted from a personal lack of staff at the Federal Office for Migration and Escape Booths (BAMF).

Oettinger calls for EU uniform asylum law

Gunther Oettinger. Image: Martin force (photo.martin.COM). License: CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons.

In Germany, two days before the end of the year, significantly more than one million asylum seekers are scated, which came into the country in 2015. There are no exact numbers because many of them were not registered or multiple because of a surcharge of the agents. Based on exterior estimates, of about 800.000 people expired, calculated the finance ministers of the German Federal Landers for the coming year costs, which the daily newspaper the world adds to around 17 billion euros today.

The highest cost burden carries North Rhine-Westphalia: the state had already with the one around 200.000 persons at low estimation of four billion euros must be ied. After that, Bayern follow 3,31 and Baden-Wurttemberg with 2.25 billion euros. In these cost estimates are not only the Uber 200.000 Additional asylum seeker 2015 and the unknown number of asylum seekers 2016 has not yet been included, but partly also the expenditure, which demand politicians and association functions for their integration – the countries are different here: some receive personnel costs for teachers with one, others. According to the cultural ministerial conference, 20 are 20.000 to 25.000 new teaching agencies in order to train immigrants in the compulsory age.

The CSU, the former Berlin Justice and Interior Senator Erhard Korting (SPD) and the Baden-Wurttemberg CDU top candidate Guido Wolf also demand mandatory integration courses for adults – the participation is denied, benefits should be procured. The SPD Migration State Minister Aydan Ozoguz refuses such compulsory integration courses. She speaks in this context of "Actionism that does not help".

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