Number of road notes decreases in 2008 on record low

In 2008, in Germany, after leading results of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) 4467 people were killed in the strain traffic. This is the slightest value since 1950, the year, for the first time since the Second World War numbers. In the past year, the positive development of recent years has continued at the Toteten with a rint of 9.7 percent or 482 persons compared to 2007.

Unlike a year earlier, fewer people in 2008 were also injured in duvial traffic. The number of injured persons is 5.5 percent to around 407 in 2007.900 dropped.

Overall, the police had to take around 2.28 million traffic cases in 2008, 2.3 percent less than the year before. Among them was 319 800 inflates with personal injury (-4.8 percent) and 1.96 million unfalls with invalid damage (-1.9 percent).

On the number of residents in Germany in Germany last year 54 persons per 1 million inhabitants. Compared to this national average, in addition to the city-states Berlin (16), Bremen (18), Hamburg (22) also in North Rhine-Westphalia (38) and in Saarland (41) significantly fewer persons per 1 million inhabitants were killed in the event of dust. Further far from it was the values in Saxony-Anhalt with 92, Brandenburg with 88 and Thuringen with 81 deaths per 1 million inhabitants. However, the distance to the national average for these countries has greatly reduced since 1991.

More traffic records existed last year in Hamburg (+30 percent or nine persons), in Saxony-Anhalt (+4.7 percent or ten people), in Rhineland-Palatinate (+ 3.2 percent or seven persons) and in Saxony (+3.0 percent or seven people). Less totete in the strain traffic were paid in the above-mentioned federal tags compared to the previous year. In 2008, the number of road deaths in Bremen (-37 percent or seven persons), in Saarland (-30 percent or 18 persons) and in Bavaria (-21 percent or 210 persons) and in Bavaria (-21 percent or 210 persons).

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