“No man’s sky”: update brings horror elements into space game

Hello Games brings with the "Desolation" update horror elements into the space game "No Man" S SKY ". In the new version, players can now find abandoned spaceships, discover their stories and deal with new opponent types.

This should yield "No Man" S Sky "around a hitherto missing horror component, explores Chef developer Sean Murray in a blog entry. Like all other updates for "No Man" S Sky ", which Hello Games has published since the start of 2016, is" desolation "for all players for free. The update should also improve the graphic with overworked Bloom effects and Lens Flares. It stands for PC, Xbox One and PS4 ready for download.

Trailer for "No Man" S SKY: DESOLATION "(Source: Hello Games)

"No Man" S Sky "has just been experiencing a boom: since the space game in June to Game subscription Xbox Game Pass is giving, there is" a huge number of new players, "writes Murray in the blog entry. Subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass, which costs 4 euros on the PC per month and on the console monthly 10 euros, can play "no man" s sky "at no extra charge.

Four years of reparation

The release in 2016 "No Man" S Sky "was massively criticized: The game was technically at desastrosem level, numerous promises made in advance were not met. Murray and his team had an endless universe full of discoveries and possibilities in view and instead delivered a monotonous bug festival, which did not have much to offer the farms of raw materials.

The shitstorm around the previously expected room game was roughly rough that Murray and Hello Games resumed practically completely out of the public and shot their social media channel. But behind the scenes, the developers continued to work on their ambitious space game.

Since then, many free updates have been published "No Man" S Sky ", for example, a multiplayer mode, VR support and numerous new vehicles. The "Desolation" update is the youngest, but not last of these extensions: "Our journey continues", writes Murray in the blog entry.


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