Ngo ship mare jonio in front of libya’s kuste: watching and saving

NGO ship Mare Jonio in front of Libya's Kuste: watching and saving

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The Italian Minister of the Interior Salvini may have overlooked that dead numbers

It has changed something. The politics is no longer how many boat escalators of Libya come to Europe, but how many in the Mediterranean die or disappear. The question of how you have the time in debate heat on 12. July for sea view in the Mediterranean set: "Or should you leave it?", is good two weeks later exposed to a very much cold light.

While I can still do how Miriam Lau there did it at that time in your article, to discuss the extent to which rescuers enhance the problem because they do not suggest how society in Italy deal with the hundreds of thousands of migrants, which they do in the course of the Years with their rescue ships have brought in Italian harbor.

And there is a long list of not completed and not small difficulties that can not just be placed on the side, which has to do with the new arrival of the many migrants in Italy in recent years.

Over these consequences of their work, the sea cartridges in their public statements were only rare, if superconducted. Her self-image was shocked by the good. That there are difficult places, Lau has worked out in your article.

430.000 Boat escape from Libya since January 2016

In July 2018, as a list showing, which is back on data from the UNHCR, 729 migrants from Libya over the so-called central Mediterranean route to Europe, which is mainly meant by Italy. The list starts in January 2016 and if you change the numbers under the heading " made it to europe" Paid until September 2018, one comes to a rough of Uber 430.000.

This indicates a dimension that has politically weight. If you look at the months of July, August, September, you will find "made it to europe" But only more three-digit numbers, 729, 749, 125 – Also this series you have to take politically serious. The more as well as you go to a trend. Since July 2017, the number of migrants who came to Italy has decreased significantly.

The turn

This has started with the policy of the Minister of Minister Minniti of the Government Renzi and continues under the successor government Conte with Minister of Interior Salvini until today. Three-digit numbers in the category "made it to europe" There was already under Minniti. You can not do so after more than a year than live in times of "Mass migration prere" or as always the vocabulary so much.

The difference that Salvini constitutes, as is now showing that the risk of the few migrants, which the crossing to Europe dare has become significantly gross, come to life.

The pull factor NGO rescue ships

That the NGO rescue ships, as it was throttled out of many sides, is not the decisive "Pull factor" are, the former Minister Minister Mininnita, who taught the very rough lock screw, and turned militias in Libya, so that they did not meet long in the business of the trucks, but more money-prevented money.

On the other hand, the locking mechanisms were stanned to do with the Libyan Kustenwache. Again, a lot, as can be read on the percentages on the mentioned list. The price is inhumane in both restraints, as long as the conditions in Libyan, where the migrants are spent, are not improved.

Salvinis circus number

Salvini stiffened to get applause for a circus number: "No migrants can come more about the Mediterranean to Italy. The harbor are too. The NGOs are subcontractors of the locker, vice cheers." He makes advertising and image advertising with one "Zero migrants-the overs sea coming policy" à la Australia.

At all, no migrants were able to negotiate more without a long and tenacious negotiations from board a ship of the Italian Kustenwache (that a coarse amount of them later recharged on the border with France testifies that the actual travel plan narrated from the Seenot. Head and not only to look at victims).

As a result, that sees that Salvini had managed that no NGO ship operates more in front of the Kuste in Libya, because the ships got trouble. So z.B. Last the Aquarius 2 with the flag state Panama, which is why she was back to Marseille or the Sea Watch 3, which has been due in the harbor in Malta for months, because the resisted resist or generally, because the approach of the Libyan Kustenwache, which is closely related to Italy cooperates, sometimes at least inhattering, dangerous and brutal, briefly: because the NGO ships of the movement room was drastically narrowed.

The dead and disappeared

However, how to read this at Matteo Villa is currently making costs from this cinema policy, which in the face of that the problem of gross "Migration" by boat escalators for more than a year is hazy, become more obusive: the dead and disappeared.

Yesterday, the NGO ship Mare Jonio from the Sicilian port of Augusta broke out of the search and rescue zone Libya. Today’s Saturday, the converted Italian tractor was allowed to emerge in front of the Libyan Kuste.

Mare Jonio

The action is published in publication, media in Germany and reported in Italy. The ship has an Italian flag, which is already a small wink at Salvini, as well as a German NGO – namely Sea-Watch – which is also a wink to Salvini, which makes the project Mediterranea common with Italian activists with the Mediterranea project.

The approach is noteworthy because the Mare Jonio, as the time and the TAZ reports, puts great importance to an observation mission – which is why some even talk about an observation vessel and the rescue comes only after that, as a matter of self-reliable in an emergency is done, but not called the first point of the mission. That’s sent. In the report of the time it is called:

Unlike early rats, the activists want to save migrants but no longer save themselves and bring to the mainland. Rather, the crew of the Mare Jonio escape boats in Seenot should locate and secure. Together with other escape streets will be in front of the Libyan Kuste "exactly" kept, strolled it.

The time

The TAZ report confirms the accent, which is placed on observation, but also clearly makes that the lakeside is not a minor matter:

The ship "Mare Jonio" Among other things, to collect and show witness reports "How women, men and children are exposed to enormous dangers", Because there are no life vessels more, striking it in a message of the organizers. But the ship should also be deserted to save people from Seenot in an emergency, new construction (Ruben Neugebauer, spokesman of the German NGO Sea Watch, Anm. D. A.To) "It’s ultimately to save people."


Add to the observer mission, which is often complained that there is little witnesses, once, as far as the activities of the Libyan Kustenwachen is concerned (where there is to be considerable differences in the behaviors) and what was on the basis of the last increased deaths: that the dark figure could be a lot of gross because there are far too little ships that observe the situation.

Salvinis reaction

In Italy, the Communist IL Manifesto regularly reports to the Mare Ionio; In the IL Messaggero you can read the warned reaction of Interior Minister Salvini. Roughly survive: "Does what you want, take the pedal boat, I’m Democrat, goes to Tunisia, Libya or Egypt, but to Italy Nada" (MA in Italia Nisba). The ship refers to Salvini as a "Ship of run-down from social centers, the three Merluzzetti (fish that are precisely reflected, the knowledge of the author, Salvini loves words are catching a converter)."

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