Nato as a split mushroom

NATO as a split mushroom

"Air Power: 13 Aircraft. 4 nations. 1 alliance. Working Together in The Baltic Region", so the pentagon. Image: USAF

A view of the controversial geopolitical calculus behind the escalation strategy of the western military object

"No breath, history is made." This time this should be on the 8. and 9. July in the Polish capital Warsaw the case. The NATO summits attached to these days have the potential, "go into history", Declared Poland’s controversial Minister of Defense Antoni Macierewicz at a press conference beginning of June.

The Summit Konne Uber "The security of the Lander Mittel- und Eastern Europe decide", What the "Safety of the entire NATO" be tangled. In Warsaw, 28 government delegations and three assignments from international organizations (UN, EU, World Bank) will be a guest. How important the summit is, alone the fact that US Prasident Obama will participate in the meeting, explained Macierewicz.

The defense ministers controversial due to its absurd intentional theories, however, to acquire that Obama also wants to discuss the theme of rapidly eroding bourgeo-democratic standards in Poland in his Poland-Visite, which are degraded from the Legal Government in Warsaw in the breathtaking pace.

The NATO summit should be a clear "signal" send the deterrence to Russia, the "Risky Militarian Manobever" On the eastern edge of NATO full fleet, explained Polish government members against Defense News. It goes for a change of "Fundamental philosophy" of the western military object to the East, in which a permanent "Rotating military prasence" Master in Central Eastern Europe. The British The Guardian accredited the "historical" Salary of the coming NATO summit: At the meeting, NATO is intended to keep the permanent deployment of a "Significant number of troops and material" in Poland and the Baltic countries – so right in front of Russia’s home tour -.

Thus, this summit is indeed to become the peak of an escalation strategy of NATO against Moscow, which has been around for years "Risky Militarian Manobever" On the western edge of Russia fully. This is clearly the commissioning of a US missile defense in Romania last May, which interprets the Kremlin as a Western attempt to undermine the nuclear deterrence of Russia. An a similar American missile base is now being built in Northern Poland; The construction works are to be completed in 2018.

Oberdies, the NATO summit, went ahead of the coarse war games in Eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War, which was clearly designed as a threatenment of Russia. Around 31.000 soldiers from 24 countries participated in the coarsely landscaped manovals in Poland, with the US with around 14.000 Man put the big quota – followed by Polish Armyrafts with 12.000 man. The tentagon manover is one "foreplay" To the NATO summit, the Guardian explained.

American, British and Polish soldiers emerge during the coincided military manovers of NATO since the Cold War with parachutes at Torun. Image: US.Army

Officially, the NATO’s military muscle games is thus a deterrent strategy to Russia, which is located in a deputy war of low intensity with awesome power in Ukraine. The construction of a substantial military prasence of NATO on the Russian border is thus sold as a reaction to Russian aggression and annexation (Crimea) in post-Soviet space – whereby the central role of the West is hidden as the driving force during the destabilization of Ukraine (geopolitical dejà Vu). The official political message behind the Escalation Strategy of NATO (and Gigantic War Games in Poland) is to stylize the manobs of June 2016 to an answer to the annexation of the Crimea in February 2014, such as a US militaralyst exported.

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