Nasa-rover perseverance: train the landing on mars live

NASA-Rover Perseverance: Train the landing on Mars Live

The NASA-Rover Perseverance is said to land on the Mars on Thursday, interested in the world will be a long way to watch the US space agency is experiencing the complex manaver. The NASA has confessed several live streams, including a 360 ° view of the mission control center and a commented stream. The landing itself should take place shortly before 10 pm Central European Time (CET), but really exciting it will probably be a few minutes before, if the spaceship with nearly 20.000 kilometers per hour on the atmosphere meets.

The most exciting arrival

Perseverance was sent to the journey at the end of July 2020, at the same time with the Mars missions Tanwen-1 ("Questions to the sky") From China and الأمل ("Hop", or "hope") The United Arab Emirates. The two have already arrived at the red planet, but Perseverance should now land directly. The Rover is successor to the successful Rovers Curiosity and should seek new instruments for traces of possible lives on the red planet. In addition, he should prepare potential missions possible. The experiment Moxie (Mars Oxygen in-situ Resource Utilization Experiment) is designed to produce the MARS atmosphere oxygen.

(Source: NASA / JPL-Caltech)

As the NASA exports, Perseverance should be against 21.38 clock (all mez) separate from the drive module. Ten minutes later, he should meet the atmosphere that brakes him. The rover is protected from a heat shield, which will quickly heat up to 1300 degrees Celsius.

If the brake fall screen around 21.52 pm, PERSEVERENANCE will still be attributed to the marse floor with overshoot speed. The opening time determines the rover autonomous, as well as the rest will run without intervention by Earth. At 21.54 clock should activate the brake module and slowly place the rover hanging on ropes by means of brake racks. At step speed he should be against 21.Land 55.

Several LiveStreams

This with a sure exciting part of the entire mission can be followed on the most diverse channels of NASA live. A commented LiveStream should be around 20.15 clock at NASA TV start and will be available for example on YouTube. In addition, there should be its own uninterrupted Liveefeed directly from the Control Center of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of NASA, where the responsible for the mission work. Another LiveStream with all-round views into the control center wants to offer JPL on his YouTube channel. A Spanish-speaking livestream will also give it. A first press conference will be around 23.30 o’clock.

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