Myanmar erupted network monitoring by departure ban for telecom manager

Myanmar erupted network monitoring by departure ban for Telecom manager

The Military Indicators Myanmars (Burma) has adopted a secret order, after which high-ranking employees of the telecommunications providers do not leave the country – unless they have existless approval of military engineers. That reports Reuters Calling on Initiated. The command must not be published. The departure ban meets both Staundenburg of the Asian country as well as foreigners.

The managers serve the dictatorship apparently as hostages. It must necessarily ensure that the network operators install comprehensive monitoring and monitoring interfaces in their networks. The militars liked to pursue the whereabouts of all devices, via phone calls, and messages and generally Internet traffic read. In this way, the militars hope to suffocate the persistent protests against the dictatorship. The transposition period for the network operators expired on Monday, Reuters have found out.

Violence against peaceful demonstrators

On the 1. February, Myanmars Militar hoped for power after parliamentary election had given the militar less mandates as a guaranteed. State Chancellor Aung San Suu Kyi was detained and charged with unauthorized Walkie Talkies for possession. Meanwhile, numerous further charges have been added.

Against peaceful protests and civil disobedience, the militar proceeds with violence. Hundreds of people, including dozens of children, were now being killed. There are also battles with militia tracked minorities. Thousands of persons are detained – often you will be dating into smartphones.

For the vacancy of the free community expendation, the dictatorship is limited to access to the Internet. This meets the network operators financially. The militar operates two mobile networks, one of them together with the military Vietnam. In addition, Ooredoo from Qatar and Telenor from Norway have built mobile networks.

Telenor wants to take back

Is known that the coup has torn in Myanmar Telenor in the loss zone. Due to the military dictatorship and their network blockade, Norwegians had to completely write off their Burmese subsidiary. Customer number and revenues have fallen dramatically. "Due to the worsening prospects for the economic environment and the worsening security situation and human rights situation we see limited perspective for improvements", Set Telenor in May.

The majority of the owner in Norway Norway is looking for a new property for his network in Myanmar. The most likely buyer is competitor Ooredoo, which is the majority of Qatar.

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