Mozillas firefox for android blends www and https in the address line

Mozillas Firefox for Android blends WWW and HTTPS in the address line

Although the new edition of Firefox for Android is available as a stable version, but there are still functions. In addition, the browser does not show parts of the URL anymore. The components WWW and HTTPS are hidden.

In addition to the address line, the lock icon can still be seen if you are on a locked side, ie HTTPS or an insecure HTTP page – then the lock is open. For pages with the subdomain WWW, the address of Firefox is now tangled, it starts with the domain. Other subdomains seem according to the portal Android Police not affected. To see the complete address, you have to click on the lock or in the address bar yourself. When copying, it is also completely superseded.

Chrome already harvested criticism for URL -zurement

Other browsers also go, such as Chrome and Chromium-based browsers. Google ruded after user complaints about the missing URL ingredients first back – and then again. Google’s argument is that most users were not dealing with the subdomain and make complete URLs too long and complicated. Find critics, it is important to know what to do for a page in concrete way. Also, www did not always drove www.example.DE and example.DE The same goal.

The Firefox for Android is broken down from the preview into the stable version, but this is not really ready. So far, the support for most extensions is missing. The app has received a design update and run on Mozillas Rendering Engine Geckoview. The tracking protection has been improved, there is a Dark mode and a displaceable navigation bar.

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