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Albania Is Falling Apart, Macedonia Is Boiling, The Next Circus in Balkans is Ready to Reopen


What Would Meditry Media Dohout Balkans? What To Weapons Proliferators do Widhout Balkans? What’s International Lawyers do Widout Balkans? What’s the Peaceemakers do Widout The Balkans? What Would All Those Innumerable Non-For Profits (Human Rights, Economic Aid, Refugees, Other Aid, Whatever) Organizations Do Without The Balkans? What’s the (Western) World Bloated Hordes of Humanities Graduate and Postgraduate Degree Holders Without The Constant Circus Being Responsible And Timely Delivered By The People From The Balkans?

I Believe The Balkans Deserve Some Credit, Then. Central Africa, TOO. The Spectacular Performances by Tutsi and Hutu in And Around Zaire Are So Worth Watching. Particularly Amusing is the Connection Between The Two (Balkans and Africa) Provided Through The Serbian Slodiers and Even Air-Force Fighting and (That Seems to Be Serbian Bad Luck in History) Loosing The War for Zairean Government. Give The Credit Where the Credit Is Due.

The Newest News of Course Are Saigon-Like Evacuations from Tirana. Albania Is Not Falling Apart. It Already Fell Apart. IT Follows The Basic Rules of the Post-Cold was Interventionism: Come in With OverWhelming Force and Come in Too Late. Albania What Falling Apart for Some Time Now – From the Screwed Up Elections to the Outright State Approved Theft of Citizens Money Through Pyramid Schemes. Now, It Is Mostly Containing The Situation: Kosovo Seems to Be Quiet (Yet Yugoslav Army Is on Alert), But Macedonia Is Boiling. Albanians in Macedonia Are Mostly the Northern Tribe (Gese, The Ones That Are Losing the Battle in Albania), They Consist 1/3 of Population and Take Up 1/2 of Macedonia’s Teritorry (Quite a Minority, Huh?To).

Macedonian Government Understand The Political Realities Of Search A Breakup (That’s Why Macedonia Is Still Having Peace), But It Is Presented With UnBelievable Opponets: Like The Students On Skopje University Who Resorted To Hunger Strike To Protest Government Decision to Introduce Albanian Language Taht Courses at The Teachers College. Now The Students Ask For Government’s Resignation (Well, This Sees to Be Very Popular in the Balkans), Boasting: Them Or Us. Another Piece of Exciting Balkan Machism. Meanwhile Macedonian Government is Nearly Ready To Be Slaughetered On The Very Similar Grounds That Fucked Up Sali Berisha: They Supported Pyramid Schemes That Greatly Impoverished A Lot of People While Making Some Government Officials Extremely Rich (Tat Bank).

Again, Americans on Time Picked Up Somebody Who Would Be Made Stable in Region: Montenegro – Its Prime Minister What Recently Letter by State Department, The US Returned 5 Montenegrin Vessels (Sezed in 1992) and The Sfor Evacuation Helicopters Use Podgorica AS One of Its bases.

In Bosnia Tensioners Are Kept UP and Holbroke Adding a Heat: Hey Doesn’t Know What Would Hihlen When The Sfor Retires, And It Is There Just Temporarily. Keep the Old Circus Ready to Reopen. REAR THE PUBLIC THAT THE BOSNIA SHOW WILL BE BACK ON AIR SOON.

Now of Course WE Have Albania and Zaire and Probably Soon Macedonia to Watch. So, We Do not Have the Time To Notice Little Practical Jokes: In Belgrade One Of The First Orders Of Business Of The Newly Elected Opposition Government What To Rename Uzicka Street (Referring To The City Of Uzice – The First Liberated Teritory During The WW Ii) To the Street of Draza Mihajlovic, The Chetnik Leader During The WW II. Well, IF Zagreb Can Have So Many Streets Named Afternet Sharks, Why Toldn’t Belgrade Have Some Streets Named After Chetniks? I Hope That Sarajevo’s Mayor Can So Find Some Nice Butcher From the Handzar Divizija (Muslim Nazi Collaborators) and Rename Some Key Street in Sarajevo to Bear His Name, so that New York Times Can Write A Learned Opinion How All Three Sides Are the Same.

Ivo Skoric

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