Money for nuclear phase-out: vattenfall complaint in karlsruhe successful

Money for nuclear phase-out: Vattenfall complaint in Karlsruhe successful

The financial compensation for certain power plant operators because of the accelerated nuclear phase-out after the reactor catastrophe of Fukushima must be re-regulated again completely. The Legal Change of 2018 is inadequate and never entered into force because of formal deficiency, the Federal Scarf Court decided after a lawsuit of the energy company Vattenfall.

The legislator is thus "still obliged to the final new regulation", How the highest German court in Karlsruhe announced on Thursday. (AZ. 1 BVR 1550/19) Due to the reactor relief in Japanese Fukushima, the Federal Government in 2011 for the 17 German nuclear power plants had only adopted a few months earlier decided on a few months earlier. Until late 2022, all Meiler must have gone to fixed dates from the network. Then it’s end to the nuclear power.

Decision in parts "unreasonable"

The Bundesverfangsgericht had ruled after complaints of Eon, RWE and Vattenfall in 2016 that the amendment that sealed this turnaround was indeed compatible essentially with the Basic Law. The energy companies stands for become meaningless investment and dilapidated production rights but adequate compensation to.

This benefits among others Vattenfall. The Swedish company had to produce even the Group originally once allocated amounts of electricity for the 2011 set fixed decommissioning dates no possibility of its two German power plants Krummel and Brunsbuttel. Darfur to the Group in 2023 can request compensation in millions High. The exact sum is it will only be determined according to the Federal Environment Ministry.

The legal provisions to be in parts but "unreasonable", as heibt in the Karlsruhe decision. In addition, the entry into force of the approval of the EU Commission was departed. However, this had never been formally granted. Because of the nuclear phase-out is also a lawsuit of Vattenfall at the International Arbitration Court of the World Bank (ICSID) in Washington. This is about claims of several billion euros because of the permanent decommissioning of Krummel and Brunsbuttel.

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