Mobile game subscription: google play pass starts in germany

Mobile game subscription: Google Play Pass starts in Germany

Google’s Mobile GameBo Play Pass is in Germany before the start. Since the past fall, there is the subscription for several hundred android games in the USA. In Austria and Switzerland, the Google Play pass is not yet offered.

Users in Germany have the possibility to delay an annual subscription for 30 euros. In the long run, the annual subscription is a much gentle alternative to the monthly subscription, which Google offers in Germany for 5 euros. Family administrators can also share the subscription with other family members.

Google Play Pass now includes more than 500 Android games that can play subscribers without surcharge and advertising. Prerequisite is an Android device with version 4.4 or new Google operating system. The option for subscribing should soon be found in the settings of the Play Stores – she is still missing there. A German website to the Play Pass has already been set up.

High-cared mobile games

Google Play Pass to the game of Google Pass Partially high-cared mobile titles, including, for example "Stardew Valley", "Terraria", "Monument Valley", "limbo" and "This was of mine". Many of these games cost separately between 5 and 10 euros. All Games of the Google Play Pass are completely unlocked, so do neither advertising panels nor additional in-app buying. In addition to many games, some selected applications to Google Play Pass.

Google’s Play Pass is the answer to Apple’s arcade offer, which also offers access to games for 5 euros per month. The iOS exclusive Apple Arcade includes fewer games than the Google subscription. In the annual subscription, it is clearly more expensive: During Google 30 euros requires Apple 50 Euro for his annual subscription.

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