Minister of economics require effective gasoline price brake

The Ministers of Economics of the Federal Stands are demanding sharp maws against rising gasoline prices as planned by the Federal Government. The mineral companies had to be required to report priciders a day in advance, at the internet at uniform and not to change for 24 hours. The bill of the Federal Government to the Gasoline Prize Control must be added by appropriate regulations, the ministers required on Tuesday at a conference in the North Rhine-Westfal Nettetal.

According to the planning of the Federal Government, the operators of around 14 should.700 filling stations Artistic in a "market transparency" report when and to what extent you have increased or lowered the prices on the petroleum. The regular pricing rounds are not to get under control, said Lower Saxony’s Economic Minister Jorg Bode (FDP). The free gas stations want to exclude the economic ministers from the obligation to report. Alone, the Ministers of Economics can not constitute their ideas about gasoline price brake via the Federal Council. In this topic, the Landers had no right to the Law Initiative in the Bundesrat, said Bode.

On the prud, according to the Minister of Economics, the electricity tax must. The surcharge for electricity consumers was introduced in 1999 as an ecological control instrument and the financing of social security. These goals have been uberhallt, said Saxony-Anhalt Minister of Economics Birgitta Wolff. By eliminating electricity tax, consumers were relieved by 7.2 billion euros in the year. However, the topic of electricity tax has discussed the conference disputed, said the Rhineland-Palatinate Resortschefin Eveline Lemke (Grune). The regulations for tax relief for energy-intensive companies had to be requested in good time before their expiry at the end of the year. For small and medium-sized enterprises, thereby giving uncessional regulations.

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