Microsoft office soon needs newer ios and ipados versions

Microsoft Office soon needs newer IOS and iPados versions

Microsoft users with Apple advice must make sure their hardware and software is up to date enough. Derek Snook, Principal PM Manager in the Group’s Office Department and for the MacOS, iOS and iPados versions of the Buropaket, rally on Twitter that Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and All-In -One-Office app with the upcoming release only on iOS or iPados 13 or 14.

IOS 12 is the Crux

With the update that brings this step, it is already expected in the coming week. iOS 12 is thus falling from the support. Thus, for example, the first generation of the iPad Air loses access to the current office, as well as iPad Minis before the variant 4. Even alter Iphones like the 6 and 6 plus can not play anymore.

Together, all these advised that they feast in iOS 12; With iOS or iPados 13 last year, Apple had attracted the prerequisites.

iPad users are looking forward to new features

Concrete reason for the step called Snook not – Microsoft will probably be about using current Apple APIs and / or reducing the support task. The new iPado-or iOS version of Office promises a number of innovations particularly for ipad. This is followed by supporting trackpad and mouse on the iPad, a new home tab on Apple tablets, to open a multiple window of an app on the iPad and booking workspaces in Outlook.

If you do not want to wait anymore until next week, you can "Office insider"-Beta test participate. Installation links for Apple’s test light has placed Microsoft on its website. Like ubroad, participation is at your own risk (and data loss). Broken to Microsoft also an iPhone version of its VPN solution tunnel, with which employees can access Intune corporate networks.

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