Microsoft ignite: connect the data center extensively to the azure cloud

Microsoft Ignite: Connect the data center extensively to the Azure Cloud

Microsoft has introduced many news for the data center and the cloud on its home trade Messe Ignite. In addition to specialized hardware, there was the connection of Azure Stack HCI and Kubernetes as well as a comprehensive update of the Azure VMware Solution to see.

New server hardware for the Edge insert

Three unusual server variants showed Microsoft for customers who have to process data directly at their place of origin, ie the EDGE before they are forwarded to the Azure Cloud. Relatively normal is still the Azure Stack Edge Pro With GPU therefore: a 1HE server, which offers one or two Tensor Core T4 of NVIDIA and intended for Rack in the data center or non-style.

Microsoft Ignite: Connect the data center extensively to the Azure Cloud

Depending on the type of edge, Microsoft offers three new servers: FURS Rack, extra robust or especially mobile.

For the use under ruinous conditions, the Azure Stack Edge Pro R is provided, the R is here for Ruggedized. The server protects a special transport home, optionally it includes a UPS. The third variant is the Azure Stack Edge Mini R, a compact and a battery-operated system for the backpack. It houses an Intel VPU to accelerate machine learning applications.

The Hyperconvergent Infrastructure Azure Stack HCI Receive a specially adapted version of Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) in the coming cloud version 20h2. Developers and administrators should use their in containers packaged Windows and Linux applications directly with Azure Stack HCI. Furthermore, companies should simply change their AKS environment. At the start is the feature in a public preview phase.

Update of the Azure VMware Solution

What has not yet talked about in the VMware scene: Microsoft also offers its own service for corporate customers who might make VMware applications from their data center in the cloud or carefully book resources in the cloud, their own service. This Azure VMware Solution (AVS) operates Microsoft itself but is pround and released by VMware.

On the Ignite, Microsoft presented the next version of the AVS, which now includes the latest versions of the VMware Cloud Foundation – ie vSphere, NSX-T, VSAN and HCX – and operated directly in Azure data centers by Microsoft. To make customers easier to move the workloads, AVS also supports backup and replication services of CommVault, Veeam and Certo. Uber Vmwares HCX Enterprise Edition Can Customize VIA Replication Assisted VMotion (RAV) Virtual Machines in CLOSE-TIME INTO THE CLOUD or pick you back to the data center.

Details on all the news of the Ignites find readers on On his home trade fair, the Group had also called a comprehensive update of his collaboration platform teams and others a new Office package, also his Windows Virtual Desktop expands Microsoft for use in home office.

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