Media mazage google: network investigates money and influence

Media Mazages Google: Network examines money and influence

Google invests millions in journalism. But why actually? Where exactly is the money? And has the influence on the reporting? Two journalists of network policy.Org invested in a study funded by the DGB and the Otto Brenner Foundation. For this they talked to more than two dozen journalists and managers.

More than € 200 million euros in the past seven years of European media companies have been passed. The News Initiative is Google’s division, which complies with such projects and comes into contact with the corporations. Lastly, News Showcase started; Behind it is a license model for article from partner publishers, which Google is played in separate news pages. GERMANTS GERMANY, Overall, Plant Google to spend a billion US dollar worldwide for licenses.

Media Mazages Google: Network examines money and influence

Unequal distribution of the claim

The analysis of the claim in Europe revealed that Google is mainly established, commercial and Western Europe publishers. Of 140 million, which were ied between 2015 and 2019 via the Digital News Initiative, three quarters of commercial publishers benefited, funf percent landed with non-profit media. The rest went to individuals, research institutes, publicly funded media and non-journalistic organizations.

Even our site has participated in Google’s Digital News Initiative Neutschutsche Neuts Initiative: With the funds, our open source project Embetty was required. By Embetty, social media content can be embedded privacy friendly in websites. If a visitor calls a page with Embetty content, no data is transferred to the operators of social networks. Originally, we had filed Embetty under the name C’t Content Shariff on Google, which is why the project can be found there under this term.

Media Mazages Google: Network examines money and influence

Data for Germany show that regional publishers also get away from a big houseer. According to the investigation, top receptionists are the economic week, German wave and the Handelsblatt.

Google against the improvement protection law

Google has been faced for years confronted to benefit from the journalistic content of the publishers – without paying for it, but also make the advertising revenue. In Germany as well as other countries is therefore discussed on a performance right. It becomes part of the EU reform of copyright. France forces Google already to negotiate with publishers about the freezing of the use of content. Australia plans arbitration for license arrangements, whereas Google resists massively.

Now it is called in an article on network policy.Org to the investigation: "By reconstruction of the genesis history of Google’s request programs, we can show that in response to the ever-increasing media policy prere of publishers in the 2010er, they have emerged." Before establishing the Digital News Initiative there was already a media fund in France – he should end a debate for the participation of publishers to Google’s advertising revenues. And so the interviewees also a picture of Google’s initiatives as PR mails "to avert the shound ratio with the media to kitten and regulation".

No influence in the reporting

The respondents also said that Google is not trying to intervene in reporting. Receivables, according to the Group of Jurys, decided with predominantly external members. However, several journalists the worry, Google funds could become one "Self-center" and to "Bet" to lead.

In addition to the receivables, Google also finances Fellowships, offers free trainings for journalists and sponsorship events and trade fairs. This describes the authors with one "Concern prior to corruming".

According to another study, a year ago by the Reuters Institute of the University of Oxford carried out, Google is the most popular digital group in the media industry. This study was financed, such as network writes from Google yourself.

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