Mars-rover perseverance: first ride on “octavia e. Butler landing” glitched

The NASA-Rover Perseverance has set itself in motion and is the first meter on Mars the first meters. This informed the US space agency with and carried out photos of the rovers also show his marks in the Marssand. The first test drive was therefore on the 4. Marz and the rovers put more than six meters back. The six raders have therefore worked flawlessly and those responsible are confident that Perseverance for his journey to the former river Delta on the Jezero crater is ready. For this, NASA has already found two possible routes.

Perseverance: First tracks in the Marssand

Mars-Rover Perseverance: First ride on'octavia e. Butler landing' gegluckt'octavia e. Butler landing' gegluckt

Already sent thousands of photos

Mars-Rover Perseverance: First ride on'octavia e. Butler landing' gegluckt'octavia e. Butler landing' gegluckt

The two possible routes (blue and violet) in the direction of the delta and the wicking route to the riverbed (yellow)

For his first meters on Mars, Perseverance therefore needed about 30 minutes. NASA has already loaded new software on the Rover that has replaced those who were used for the delicate landing. Several instruments were therefore tested and the robotary arm also had its first use. Now even more detailed tests are available and the first flight of the bred helicopter Ingenuity will continue to be prepared.

During all this work, Perseverance sends photos about photos to the earth, just more than 7000 until Friday, as NASA explained. The Rover is supported by the ORBITER TGO of ESA, or Maven, Mars Odyssey and NASA. That that served as a relay was one "Game Changer".

The US Space Agency also paused for a tradition and has given the landing site of Perseverance an unofficial name. He is now called "Octavia e. Butler Landing" After the Bald Science Fiction Writer. The 2006-deceased author was raised near the responsible Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California Pasadena, and has greatly influenced the municipality of planetary scientists, explores NASA. Especially those who are generally underprosed in the field and in the natural sciences. Butler was the first African American writer who won both the renowned Hugo Award and the Nebula Award.

Perseverance: once photographed the entire horizon

Perseverance was on 18. February landed on the red planet. Although the landing for the engineers was an even greater challenge than the process of Curiosity, everything went perfectly. This shows particularly clear that video that the NASA has published a few days later. It is the first overhead that shows a landing on another planet.

(Source: NASA / JPL-Caltech)

First, a brake fall … had braked the enormous speed of the danger, just above the ground, the braking rackets of the relegation stage had slowed down the rover hanging on the rover and dropped at a location he had selected autonomous. The descent stage had then accelerated again to fail in safe distance. All four items have already been discovered on satellite images.

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