Mars mission al amal: space probe sends first picture from the red planet

Fif days after your entry into the orbit of Mars, the room probe of the United Arab Emirates has sent the first picture of the Red Planet. The photo published on Sunday is 25.000 kilometers over the Mars surface, wrote the Emiratian Minister Prosident Mohammed Bin Raschid Al-Maktum on Twitter. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Sajid Al-Nahjan, Crown Prince Abu Dhabis and Factic Ruler of Emirates, spoke of one "Decisive moment in our story".

the "Al Amal"-Probe (hope) was on 9. February after a seven months long journey at a speed of 18.000 kilometers per hour entered the orbit of the MARS. The goal of the mission is to better capture the climate of the Red Planet. For this, she should remain in a MARS or route for about two years and examine the surface. For a complete dirculation, the probe requires 55 hours. All nine days, you should record a complete image and send it to Earth with further information. The publication of first scientific data is planned for September 2021.

The Mars from a distance of 25.000 kilometers: The probe Al Aman of the United Arab Emirates has sparked a first photo of the red planet to the earth.

In addition to the Al-Amal mission, seven more will take place currently. So the Chinese spacecraft Tanwen-1 is also in a MARS orbit that should leave it in the spring and end up on the planet. The project is considered a challenge as the Mars else than the moon on an atmosphere. Already in the coming days, the US space workers stand NASA before the same hurde: on the 18th. February the Rover Perseverance belonging to the MARS-2000 mission should begin with the descent on the planet. Already since 2016, the European-Russian probe TGO (Trace Gas Orbiter) revolves around Mars and examines its atmosphere. In addition, the probe should help finding a suitable landing site for a later MARS mission.

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