Market researchers: iphone 12 over 100 million times sold

Market researchers: iPhone 12 over 100 million times sold

The iPhone 12 seems to cause significant demand: The 2020er series of the Apple smartphone has already cracked the sales mark of 100 million stucco in April, as evidenced by a treasure of the market research company Counterpoint. Such high sales figures within the first half year after the publication last reached the iPhone 6 in 2014. The analysts call this as "Super cycle", In its frame, especially many customers of ages of old iPhone models on the latest change.

OLED and 5G as draft horses

At the iPhone 6, seven years ago, the interest in the coarse screens for the considerable demand caused the analysts. For the iPhone 12, it is mainly the OLED display integrated in the cheaper model series as well as the support for 5G networks, the customers attract. With the iPhone 12, however, Apple has also renewed the form, the edifier design is reminiscent of iPhone 5 and iPad Pro. Design changes made in the past at the iPhone regularly for sales break.

In contrast to the process iPhone 11, the demand of the expensive and coarse Pro-Max model was continued at the iPhone 12. Almost 30 percent of the purchase generates the treasure now the top model, in the previous year, it had been 25 percent. Apple bring the significantly more sales and was allowed to lead a new iPhone sales record in the full year, the analysts.

More demand for "Per max"

The iPhone 12 Pro Max highlights with a better camera system clearly from the smaller Pro model rather than the larger 6.7"-Display as a draft horse. In the US, the Pro Max was marketed aggressively by network providers, 40 percent of the sales of the top model were eliminated on the manufacturer’s home market.

For the demand of the compact iPhone 12 Mini, the market researchers do not look forward, there is provided for previous reports comparatively little builders. Young, Es, Apple has already set the production of the 12 Mini early.

The fact that Apple has not helped the iPhones since last autumn no more power supply and no headhorters, ensured significant discussions, but apparently did not quench a coarse number of customers. Builder who had stated on old advantages because of the pandemic in 2020, were then switched to the iPhone 12 in autumn, so the analysts.

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