Management pathology

Despite falling revenues and falling, top managers like to appreciate high salary or in case of premature departure horrendous severance payments

What you often have to read from top managers and supervisory rates that are not subject to the normal manager’s disease of stress-related burnouts, but much more pathological forms such as the general speechlessness of the silence of Lammer à la Swissair or the abortion syndrome of nursing non-competitive businesses à la benq. It shows not only in phenomena that self-proclaimed ST is not only in phanomena that it can be far from the fact that it can be far from the fact that it can be widely and moral principles in the field of management. Galler Management Gurus their companies in the context of supervisory board positions highly doped advisory requirements, but also in the fact that the self-service allowance and the salary poker on the highest levels no longer seem to be rational boundaries.

The passenger carousel between board positions and the supervisory rates works perfectly that the approval of the Board of Directors or a Salar Commission on increases in Executive Board Investments is now only a pure form matter.

In order to maintain the myth that the Management Board holders are defined by the sharehears or their commercially available representatives, the shareholders are once again invited to self-consecutive events – called General Meeting -. Who should be wondering at so much show when the salars continue at the previous pace and will soon find the headlines in the US from $ 1 billion in the USA soon? While a successful hedge fund manager can earn this sum quite honestly on the financial markets, this will be a top manager, which is a compensationMME for unparalleled company goals of $ 210 million (like young the CEO of Home Depot Robert Nardelli) gone, barely attractive can.

At all, it seems to be no longer a role that the revenues of companies are provided by the employees and not from top management, which in the general fusion poker no longer needs to cope, how and where a work performance is actually provided. The phenomenon of the mendation, paired with Melflessness, plays the most important role here. Special incentives are offered by stock options that can be bidden for free as in the case of Apple Chef Steve Jobs.

Abortion specialist

Anyone who left the MAB behind himself, and we are not talking about the Bavarian unity for liquid bread, which can multiply the number of zeros behind its content of almost arbitrarily. It is precisely this increase in the number of zeros that expressly legitimizes the author of this contribution to allize it. Let’s get back to the topic of abortion in top management. The photography, a unprofitable business unit, will have without the courage to question at least the owners, simply abandoned (wrapped in the arc of argon or. shut off) or through a surgical procedure that shows some participants high abortion-high-honoraries, best to enchant to a Raider, as the example of Cablecom in Switzerland revealed targeted and accountless. Imagine the ex-CEO Bruno Claude had had to renounce this capital increase, how much poor goods the top management then failed?


A propos falling: falling to the fashion wave under managers, if there is only enough coal to renovate his personal bank account in a company sales, the so-called Esser Axiom: the more coal you are accumulating on his bank account, the more selfisher you can Lifter claim that you have earned the black numbers.

In addition, even smoking payments seem to develop more and more to everyday life and this is not only, since more studied with Eastern European companies. But buy not only managers, but as the Ackermann process demonstrates, probably also dishes when it comes to ending unpleasant dispute period prematurely. Avoid the verdict, already knew the writer Albert Camus, and true to this motto seems to be easier for the courts to frighten economic criminals or finance fines than those of adequate justice.

But it is to be hoped that there will be sparingly criminal consequences in Balde. Who confused company funds, should have to expect long-term prison sentences. The legislator is required to provide basics that the management of a company is responsible and withdrawn from the company equity to enrichment of reigning or excreting leaders. Economic freedom of action may not be free letter for corrupt and unlawful action. An economy based on the tentatility of the cancellation, remainder and bribery will only take a direction only one direction: the economic collapse.

The alternative approach

The trend is particularly widespread, despite sinking revenues and falling at higher salary, or to pay a horrend comprehension mME in the event of a premature departure.

Since the case of Enron we know where uninformed power can lead if managers meet in their fleet bunker, lonely decisions that pass in reality. So that you can swap the publicity and the book prombers, you invented a new form of booking: the so-called creative accounting. In order to counteract these developments, perhaps in Balde, we needed a cyber-Robin-Hood, a kind of poverty destruction-yunus, who drastically facilitates the bank accounts of some managers in the best hacker-manner to the bank accounts of some managers around the general public and thus sustainable consumption through ruckdistribution send.

If managers believe that the money that advocates the common good, this statement will hardly live those under the poverty threshold, hardly use. Therefore, a new management approach is necessary, which is unfortunately not yet found in succinct publications: the non-shareholder value enhancement accumulation. However, the new countermovement to the Shareholder Value will hardly be in the US, and certainly not in St. Gallen, as first established, so we still hope for India, as the new hort of humanization of top management. Management of knowledge is called the keyword in India – and to this knowledge just that you wife who does not increase the company value of companies.

High-speed policy

If managers motted themselves that they alone are stealthy for the success of a company, then you ask the question of why you are still charged at all employees. Maybe the first country, which answers this question, will be Japan. If there are no employees, but there are no employees, but only robots, and even the managers are substituted by robots, this process may be considered completed. Probably the one who has already earned his pension.

What could give praisors as to watch, as cheap robots do not make worse than those who have high priced fees through high-priced supervisory rate, which have hedged their incompetence by high-priced insurance policies. The final thesis of this contribution can thus be summarized as follows:

The price spiral at the bars of top managers will only be broken when a cheaper robot, the performance of a manager is in nothing more.

Considering that you are already receiving supercomputers for 30 million CHF today, which can play through much more variants than all top managers together worldwide, then this topic gets additional explosive. If the robots are still programmed with moral values, then it is ensured that they are complied with, unless some flush-mounted managers give these data sets essentially or implement in these bribery algorithms to prove that also robots unmoral. But we return to the general prostitution carousel for the highly paid jobs.

The moral of the story

A manager who goes to the numeral and drives his fees exponentially upwards is not much different like the noble thure or. The top call girl, which he prefers bay. Under like-minded people, it makes no sense to hedge fees, because who has, who has, and who has more, who has more. Therefore, sheikh’s not only a call girl, but book this equal group. The only thing that means that the money excludes, are not arbitrarily multiplied, are the number of orgasms, for that, for example, Viagra can not provide the most stressed managers. But this is just an insignificant detail if you have taken power in business and society. Who has the power, may be able to operate arbitrarily from the cash registers of companies and to manipulate the owners at an account.

In this case, the pricing element is not only in raw materials, but also with top managers. Since good top managers are rare, the salary will be driven up for payment of the best systematically up. But often the realization is that you do not need managers anymore, because there is nothing more to manage through the bankruptcy, as the case enroned, much to Spat. Therefore, the morale of this gloss is, who does high salary, does not necessarily have to afford something, but he should have a golden parachute in an emergency, so that he is not accidentally violated or even burdened. If he still has something to say like the Lambfrom Callgirl-Geniesser Peter Hartz von Volkswagen, he should at least negotiate a good deal with the prosecutor’s office, so that the preservation penalty has dropped slightly slightly.

Artur P. Schmidt is the publisher of the financial portal entrepreneurcockpit.


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