Malware insurance and data outflow at software ag

Malware insurance and data outflow at Software AG

Software AG has been for about a week with a malware infestation of internal systems. At 3. October came to the attack with malicious software, the company shared with. Then you have shut down internal systems controlled and now work on the restoration. The Software AG did not give any information about the type of malware.

Customer applications such as the Cloud Services are not affected, struggling it; However, there are restrictions about the help desk that affected areas affected. Furthermore, according to the youngest company communication, it has given evidence of a data outflow. Both servers and laptops of employees have been downloaded. Whether customer data has been affected, remained open.

The malicious software is also not fully started, it’s up to date. Systems of the company continue to be affected by the attack. Currently you try everything to remedy the data leaks and troubleshooting internal systems. The maturation of the damage has not yet been foreseeable in said a spokeswoman of the company on Friday the German Press Agency. A request from our site to further details so far remained unanswered. Software AG focuses on applications for companies and pays Europe’s largest software manufacturers.

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