Make projects: leave the sparks fly at the steel challenge

Make Projects: Leave the sparks fly at the steel challenge

Take, cut, grinding, forging, saying, drilling, bending, giving … The new challenge on make projects takes metalwork. Leave your creativity free run and shows what everything is possible – no matter if you use steel, iron, aluminum or a completely different metal.

Of course, there is something to win again at the steel challenge. For the first place, a Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro 15 V5 beckons in the Red Edition, which is kindly provided by Tuxedo. Who creates it to the second or third place, receive a make minibo plus. This includes the make as Printheft Plus digital access.

Join now

The deadline is the 12. September 2021 at 23:59, so that time remains to finally finish starting projects. To join in, your project (or projects) simply documents on our MakeMache page Make Projects. It is important that the project spat from the time of the deadline as "publicly" is stored, so that others can be inspired you. Whoever finished or already showed an intermediate level, but it can also be crowded.

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