Macron forms his government

Macron forms his government

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Profits of Grunen at Corona Municipal Choice, Laise for Macron’s Party: He attracts right now?

His name sounds like Casse Tête (Head break), but from his supervisor Emmanuel Macron, he is the man who should now address it and the problems from the way to space: yesterday’s friday mentioned the 42-year head of state surprisingly Jean Castex, the 55-year-old burgermaster of the Pyrenaenstadt Prades and earlier adviser of his pre-process Nicolas Sarkozy, to the Prime Minister.

Already in the last few months, the newly fresh head of government under Emmanuel Macron had taken important functions: at 02. April of this year he was for the special consultant for dealing with the French lock-down (confinement) Respective for the procedure for its progressive easing (deconfinement) been appointed. With this he tempted a properly delicate job.

The public opinion seems that in the end relatively smooth transition from the up to the 11th. May ongoing French Lockdown for "Thereafter" reward. Although it is extremely skeptical of the decisions at the beginning and during the Corona crisis that were hit at the Elysee Palace, – and part of the political staff.

This pays the fact that both the minister minister Agnès Buzyn as well as the 1 to the 1st of February. February of Prasident Macron, Marie Fontanel, obviously nothing better to do when JUST in the appearance of the pandemic from their respective, not very unimportant abrasion.

In both cases, they did this due to comparatively poor local elections: Buzyn to assist as the top candidate of the Prasident Party LREM (La Republique en Marche) to Town Hall in Paris; and fontanel to follow her husband ran in Strasbourg. At the time of their respective deceping, the contours of the Corona threat were already recognizable.

Agnès Buzyn spoke later, middle Marz, even in a sensational interview, they have at that time "Site a tsunami on France" see, and she knew that the municipal elections "can not take place". Nevertheless, that everyone remarried from comparatively void occasion is understood as irrelevance in broad circles of the openness.

Municipal election: bankruptcy for LREM

You have taken place, but the first round as planned on 15. Marz this year. Shortly thereafter, the electoral process was aborted, which was exposed to a week later. Father became known that several heads were infected with pulmonary disease COVID-19.

The second round then took place over a quarter of a year, the last Sunday, the 28. June. Buzyn, who had once again confirmed their top candidate at the end of May after multi-weekly desire. and received only 13.3%, in a city whose sociological composition had hitherto pronounced the liberal Macron camp.

Since the Macron Party also in the incurred France with an exception overall failed – Lrem had spent as a dialing target, France-wide 10.000 municipalordred and burger masters in several beams elections; Public television came up in a payment in retrospect "693" Municipal parliamentarians and as good as no burgermeister was the need for a change in the government tip.

There Prime Minister Edouard Philippe (49) showed certain signs of impatience. He joined himself as a top candidate to the town hall of Le Havre, where he already ruled in the past – this city also made just the one exception, in which the Macron camp in the local elections did not make madly failed, unlike other coercion. Philippe won the City Hall of Le Havre with 58.8% of the votes.

Since the French KP alone was upright a candidacy in the run-off against him – this party governed the port city since the post-war period until 1995, but has been in the quarter century since then a lot of her earlier foundation – he also had a relatively light game. Shortly before the runoff election from the previous Sunday, the then still-prime premiere, if it comes with a change to the Norman Town Hall "go fast" KONNE, this is really this out of his view "very good".

Philippe has enough of government in Paris

Apparently, Philippe has tended enough to control the government ship through heavy water, inspired by a prasident, whose decisions he probably did not always contribute. For example, Macron was very euphoric for reading the economic activity with the end of Lockdown, during the Philippe, even in compliance with sanitarian risks, as more skeptical showed.

In doing so, the public opinion obviously honored the best-acting position of Philippe and the Castex SecretAx-based technocrats as that of the state-prassident Macron, in which ultimately the political decisions were. Emmanuel Macron at the beginning of May only popularitated values of more than 30 percent, which now – depending on the survey – was easily improved, Philippe came to between around 40 and around 50 percent,.

Probably therefore, despite the departure of the popular, but due to internal differences and the impedience of edouard Philippes hardly still to be held previous prime ministers – due to its replacement with Philippes former Lockdown or. Loosening commissioners – but still to be born from their relative popularity.

Castex is not only "technocrat" and high official, but also politicians. Under Nicolas Sarkozy, in 2011/12 he was a good year of deputy General Secretar in the Elysee Palace, which is an Office, which was about – very intimidating and in the context of a different political system – that a Chancellor’s Minister in Germany could meet. His successor on this post, after changing in the Prasidial Office of Sarkozy to Francois Hollande, Stretched Ubwigens Emmanuel Macron.

Conservative cultivation to the government ship?

Jean Cestex is still a member of its French Wikipedia site still a member of the strongest conservative party in France (until 2015: UMP, since then: Les Republicains, LR) – The entry there was corrected during the Friday afternoon, just before he was still there as "party" (Sans etiquette), well because his list was formal to the town hall of Prades without a party.

Now the question arises all the more, which was already raised in the openness in the days before, before the person’s decision became known in favor of Castex for the Office of Government: may occur senior members of the conservative opposition in the art government?

Your group chairman in the National Assembly, Damien Abad, explained on Wednesday, such party lovers, if necessary, do not want to condemn; it is "To make an individual decision", which sympathizes in the case of the trap apparently his criticism.

Now it is important to wait for the concrete composition of the redeployed or reformed cabinet, but such signals indicate a recognizable extension of the Macron warehouse to the conservative aircraft. Thus, in the Prasidential Candidature Emmanuel Macron 2016/17 became at first in the discourse and cultural occurrence rather left-liberal-existing, government camps and the party LREM terminated to the conservative rights.

It already indicates the sociology of its election in the capital Paris, which (unlike 2017) in the spring of the year 2020 is largely crumbling on a component of the righteous rights – this is an analysis of the Parisian evening newspaper Le Monde.

Trutznunds against Grune

This also indicates the existence of several LRM / LR carriers in a series of coarse dates, which are there before the second passage of the local elections of 28. June had been closed to the expected election fences of the French Grunen or. of the green-liberal collar EE-LV (Europe Ecology-les Verts, existed since 1999).

Although first, the Fruhere Lyoner Oberburgermeister (and Minister of Interior Emmanuel Macrons between 2017 and 19) was excluded Gerard Collomb by LREM because he had entered the conservatives as such to stop the grunn. But then Lrem did him in many other municipalities, u.a. Also in the coarse dates Bordeaux and Strasbourg / Strabburg.

In 2017, Lrem sounded different and much "gruner" as well as left-liberal; At the time of the presentation of the Prasidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron at the Berlin Humboldt University, Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Joschka Fischer, not random, were involved as a prominent audience gas.

Although Emmanuel Macron tries to act as a pure economic lobbyist, too, for example, to open up to the coarse climate speaker as on Monday this week, which can not exercise it, but that it is attributable only to qualifications.

The jerking of his prominent Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot, who released in September 2018 with a commitment of his power and influence in office, but testifies to another reality. Hulots Successor Francois de Rugy, who had to decline in 2019 as a result of a self-service affair, was equally ambition – as in content absolutely unsuccessful and was mainly considered his own career. Among other things, the item cost him prestige lobster diners on state costs, which impacted on reputation devastating.

(For the after-successor Elisabeth Borne it remained relatively quiet.To)

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