Macos 11 big sur: problems when creating start-up backups

MacOS 11 Big Sur: Problems when creating start-up backups

Error in Macos Big Sur clearly scorches the episis of an old-ended backup application. So far, it is not possible to create a start-up backup of MacOS 11, like Dave Nanian, developer of the program SuperDuper!, clarified. Even Apple’s new, in-house tool "Apple Software Restore – ASR" To cloning drives with the file system APFS is still unable to do so.

Backup tool is waiting for Apple Bugfix

For this reason, there is no beta of the backup software for MacOS 11, writes Nanian. There is not even one "Internal Alpha version" from superduper!, because they "eligible" Do not fulfill. It is now hoping that Apple still eliminates the problems with ASR to allow third-party programs to create bootproof backups. "We stuck some dowards during us waiting for the king", So the developer.

MacOS 11 Big Sur is currently still in the public beta phase, but was allowed to be released soon for the general public. Usually Apple’s Grobe Macos Updates appear at the end of September or early October.

"Signed System Volume" Big Sur makes clone problems

The problem is that the manufacturer Tool Apple Software Restore is not properly properly signed in MacOS 11 system drive ("Signed System Volume") together. For this reason, the copies created by ASR are not booty, the developer of the Backup Tools Carbon Copy Cloner. But with Apple, you work to overthrow the problems. However, a schedule of Dafur does not seem to be available if the fix is still before the publication of Big Sur remains open.

An error in Macos Catalina 10.15.5 Prepared Young Preserved Preserved New Bootproof Mac Backups – This has Apple in the current version 10.15.6 corrected again. A workaround used by Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) can now also use for MacOS 11, write the developers: You can simply install Macos Big Sur over the backup created with CCC to make it so start up. In contrast to Superduper! Carbon Copy Cloner already tests a version that is designed for MacOS 11.

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