Macbook pro 2021: new displays, magsafe – and no touch bar more?

MacBook Pro 2021: New Displays, Magsafe - And No Touch Bar more?

Apple prepares a new edition of the MacBook Pro: next to a 16"-Model planning the manufacturer reports also the introduction of a new 14"-Model. Both pro notebooks also rely on lighter, high-contrast screens, such as the Financial News Agency Bloomberg under reference to an informed person. It may be possible for it as long as a suspected mini-LED technology is used.

Cantier design and Apple Silicon

At the bottom of the MacBook Pro Bloomberg only "Smaller design changes". According to the usual about Apple’s product plan, analysts Ming-Chi Kuo, however, put the new models on a cantier design at the Mountains – similar as already iPad Pro and iPhone 12.

The 2021 MacBook Pro was allowed to be offered purely with Apple Silicon, Apple’s in-house arm-based SOCS (system-on-chip), probably in a more powerful variant of the M1 chip with more cores and improved graphics, it is called Bloomberg. So far, Apple still leaves these model series with Intel processors, only the entry-level variant of the 13" MacBook Pro is already relevant with the ARM processor – and shows a significant performance jump. According to both reports, there are no exports with Intel processors in parallel.

Ruupted Magsafe

Apple will also bring its popular Magsafe charging system to the MacBooks, the financial news agency and the analyst are also in agreement. The new connection same the Magsafe port installed on mobile Macs and put on a magnetic connection. If it is pulled on the cable, this is lost from the notebook: For example, this can prevent the MacBook Pro from the table and damaged during stumbling over the charging cable. Magsafe is supposed to allow a faster charging process, it will continue to be called. On iPhone 12 has Apple "Magsafe" Just introduced, but as a new system for magnetic accessories and faster inductive loading.

For the remaining connections, Apple USB-C was allowed to remain faithful, then a shop also had to be possible. According to the information of Kuo, Apple wants to integrate additional connection types to convey the co-adapters for many users. Which ports should be acting, however, remains unclear. At the last coarse re-design in 2016, Apple stroked the HDMI port and an SD card slot.

Touch bar before?

According to Kuo, the new MacBook Pro the touch bar uses an end: the touch-sensitive OLED stripes soften the classic function keys again, according to the analyst. At the Financial News Agency, it only means Apple Testing models without touch bar. The touch bar has hardly developed Apple after import in 2016, only functions were deleted – so the Group brought the ESCAPE key as a physical key after numerous discomfort. The new MacBook Pro models are expected in the first half of 2021, they were able to appear in May or June.

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