Macbook air: apple allegedly plans high-end version

MacBook Air: Apple allegedly plans high-end version

For Apple’s notebooks, comprehensive innovations seem to be planned: According to a report, the manufacturer is preparing a dunner and lighter version of the compact MacBook AIR, which may already be introduced in the second half of 2021 or in 2022 appears. A narrower edge of the screen should allow a more compact form factor, the screen diagonal of good 13 inches remain the same.

Magsafe and faster Apple chip

As well as the MacBook Pro Plant Apple for the Air to bring the magnetic port Magsafe to the power supply, such as the Financial News Agency Bloomberg Calling on informed persons. The Magsafe port at the same time is not a long one of the only two integrated USB-C connections temporarily blocked by a charging cable.

The new MacBook Air set on a faster Apple chip and is sold as a high-end model next to the young-enforced MacBook Air with Apple’s M1 chip. Apple strikes the report also the introduction of a coarse MacBook Air with a 15"-Display into consideration, but the upcoming generation continues to stay on the 13th"-Model crimped.

MacBook Pro again with SD card slot

According to previous reports, Apple 2021 is a new MacBook Pro with 14"- and 16"-Display display, which is also equipped with the Magsafe connection. The return of the SD card slot removed from the year 2016 also provides for the financial news agency. The small OLED bar "Touch bar", the Apple has been installing in these model series for several years instead of the function keys, will be thrown out again.

Apple also work on the integration of mobile communications and facial recognition (Face ID) in MacOS, an introduction of the two functions seems but still in further distance to lie, so Bloomberg. Apple wanted to bring Face ID to the new iMac planned for 2021, but will not yet be implemented.

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