Lufthansa: personnel reduction meets resistance

Lufthansa: Personnel reduction meets resistance

In their job reduction in Germany, the Lufthansa does not run everything as planned. The Group sets in the Corona Faith on the retention of subcassics, while the gross mass of the employees in the core is still protected against operational rally and in the current year with short-time allowance via the rounds. In some places will even be re-set.

Relatively quickly, after the burglary last year, the Group had decided to shut down the unloved Germanwings. After the crash caused by the CO-Pilot in Marz 2015 with 150 dead, the brand name was largely disappeared anyway and only degraded to the service provider within the Eurowings brand. Even the SunExpress Germany, a community company with Turkish Airlines, had no future under Corona conditions. SunExpress crews had completed tourist long-haul fluctens under the Lufthansa logo.

Around 2600 employees are thus looking forward to insecure future perspectives, even if the Eurowings-Kerngesellschaft and the new Eurowings Discover are looking for around 300 people for further upright flight deals.

Conservation protection

The lawyer Martin Leufgen from Rommerskirchen represents more than 150 pilots and flight attendants for sound protection lawsuits. He believes that the companies have been transferred to other Lufthansa companies, so people did not have been employed by circling. From June, the work courts in Koln and Frankfurt are managed. In first good dates, Germanwings has not been able to see a compromise readiness for information on both sides.

On the other hand, Lufthansa does not see any business transition, which then had to take overwhelm, as a spokeswoman confirmed. Although the approximately 600 digits give one more candidates from the Group, but the best selection is available. After all, the professional experience will be considered, praises Verdi, though no cabin chiefs (PURSER) were searched.

Pilot without plane

In front of the applications, the SunExpress pilots with a plenty of Boeing 737, an aircraft type, which is no longer flown in the entire Lufthansa Group. The Pilot Union Association Cockpit offers you legal protection, but sees the opportunities limited because of the lack of occupational opportunities. At best, those affected are calculated on severance payments according to the social plan or with further education offers. "Satisfied there is no one", Reports a VC speaker.

The union Verdi estimates much better the opportunities of flight accidents in which Eurowings Germany will. The Lufthansa subsidiary for direct fluvenity has rebuilt her program and hopes to overcome around 80 jets in summer. Instead of the classic holiday destinations on the Mediterranean, connections to Sudosturopa are now flown, often used for family visits in these countries. "That works better in the crisis", Hope in Koln. In the tourism goals Greece and the Canaries are added.

Save instead of literacy

There are still some time the pilots of the core company Lufthansa to agree with the company on the required creative part-time models. Should not it come, up to 1200 of more than 5,000 pilots will go from the second quarter of the coming year. With the flight attendant union UFO and Verdi, the company has already become more respected on long-term savings deposit of the soil and cabin staff and, in return, promised the waiver of operational responsibilities.

Lufthansa is heavily under prere by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic despite state aid because air traffic has been enrolled. Lufthansa fights with strong sales pits of 63 percent in the last business year 2020. The bottom line was a loss of 6.7 billion euros. Even for 2021, Lufthansa does not expect that air traffic reaches a high level: at best, 40 to 50 percent of the 2019 air supply can be reached.

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