Lockdowns vs. Supply chains ii

Lockdowns vs. Supply Chains II

Unlike in the spring, there is hardly anyone from one in winter "DE-globalization"

the "Quotation", Before those of the first Lockdowns had warned in the early year, if "Global supply chains" Easy to interrupt the SARS COV-2 pandemic, remained largely from clip paper rolls, noodle packages and other durable and less durable foods from short-term papers, noodle packages and other durable and less durable foods. Whether you follow with the second, third or more Lockdowns is unclear.

Scarce cargo

Debated in the spring "DE-globalization", A resuming bolt of the international division of labor, but want to know European companies little. Not only due to the price differences, but also because a lockdown in the neighborhood can interrupt the supply chain as well as one in the Far East. In the automotive industry, which refers to their foreign parts mainly from the Czech Republic, Poland and France, and the China follows only fourth place, one tries to set up with Blockchain technology early warning systems such as the BMW party.

In Asia, the supply of supply problems during production have held so far also within limits. By far the problem, which became known there, is not due to the SARS COV-2 viruses, but American sanctions, which temporarily prohibited the delivery of Chips from Taiwan and Sudkorea to Huawei. The Chinese Group has already reacted to it and in a German bureaucracy of incredible speed a now finished 200.000 square meters of gross new chip factory built.

Because after the rapid recovery in Asia and unexpectedly unbroken demand in Europe deliveries are made up of time when stricter Lockdowns prevailed in the Far East, the cargo hold has become scarce on the ships. The railways are far from expanded, despite the Chinese New Silk Strain Excesses, that they could provide for trackable relief here (cf. New silkscrew open) – and transport with cargo aircraft has been blasting many calculations.

Stretched demand for consumer electronics, fitness gates and girls

Lars Jensen from the Danische B2B logistician Maersk already speaks of one of the Financial Times "Vicious circle" the end "traffic jams" to the terminals. The forces container ships to spend more and more time waiting in harbor instead of bringing away paths, which further reduces the cargo capacity. Freight lines such as CMA CGM therefore currently taking any new orders more. Rolf Haben Jansen, the Board of Directors of the B2B Logistics Hapag-Lloyd, therefore warns of longest delivery times for the Lockdown particularly sought-after goods such as consumer electronics, fitness gates and mobel.

If you have to lock down due to Lockdowns, then that does not necessarily lead to a sinking of demand. By which one or the other gift is not bought if you can meet less people personally – but many people turn out on online handlers, which are the options for gift packaging with gluckishus and a delivery via DHL, Hermes, GLS, DPD or own suppliers to offer.

Load limit reached or exceeded?

With the German logistics companies you are more specifically economical with information and, for example, says at DHL that it is "Due to the current amount of packet and the stronger Corona protection measures […] in some cases come to delays in delivery [a] broadcast" can. More concrete information gave the Easter-rich post to the courier: this year, in comparison to the last, it expects an increase from 127 to 160 million packages.

Alone in the last few days were transported in the Alpen Republic with 8.86 million inhabitants up to 1.3 million packages daily. During the Easter-rich post-CEO Georg Polzl therefore from a work "At the load limit" speaks, this is already far exceeded for the union of the mail and telecommunications operations (GPF), even if additionally 1.300 employees were reset.

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