Listen to us intelligence: when is enough?

A bit rhetoric invests the German government, while it will stay

The federal prosecision is recurred. Having known that a BND employee probably spied on the CIA, just the NSA Investigation Committee, is once again called for reaction from Berlin. At least rhetorical.

Big Prassident Gauck played a surcharge and said in the ZDF summer interview: "Now it’s enough. That’s already said he was guilty of calling the consequences.

Already the cozy round was at Gunter Jauch last night. Jauch had Hillary Clinton and Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen. Clinton did nothing as if she did not know anything as an ex-sword, she ared in the MarchenSound that Obama wanted to survive the control of the intelligence services anyway before Snowden, but awarded to say that there was nothing to today. And they persisted permanently and mostly on the spatial level, which should ensure a lack of concrete agreements for a lack of understanding, ie the non-binding cyber dialogue, which the US government offered instead of a no-spy agreement. Otherwise, she encouraged any clear statement, just said that the relationship with Germany is important for the US and therefore could not be risked.

Jauch had apparently agreed with the Leyen, not to ask for this delicious theme as well as Ukraine, which he also caught up, for that of the Leyen Clinton, who would like to be monotudable. The third guest, Margot Kabmann, who was supposed to behave criticism of the Iraq war and the execution of bin Laden, which she was also invited to make the spectacle even more embarrassing, was not in demand for the lighting attack on Germany for safety’s sake. This is publicly legislative television along with the "Star", which are liable to hold the rules.

That the Leyen wanted to say to a lying claim, speaks gang. Although Minister Minister de Maizière toned that he is urgently demanding, but he did not know what happens should be Washington. Symbolically also the invitation of the Ambassador to the Abstract Office to a "Conversation", They renounced it to quote him. It works with velvet gloves, which the Bundestag is probably spied on the US Embassy, the BND employee was also in contact with agents working in the embassy. Noon Minister Steinmeier is not a guarantee for Souverane German politics anyway and has undertaken the cooperation of BND and US intelligence services as Chancellor’s Chief, while he had covered the defenses of the US government, for example in the case of Kurnaz (lack of legal awareness). Now he said that it is not a little bit.

As always, the Chancellor is silent. Obviously you also want to extend this scandal. You are in spoken and one may allegedly do so important cooperation between the secret services. What will happen? Nothing up to a little inflated rhetoric is to suspect. That’s just with the secret services.

Update: The Chancellor has commented on a press conference after a question, but this means that you would like to postpone everything:

"It is, if so, is a very serious process. The General Federal Agency. If the pre-warfare are true, this is in a clear contradiction to what I understand under a trusting cooperation of services and also of partners. Now we have to wait for the investigations of the GeneralBundesanwalts.

As far as economic espionage is in general and cyber attacks, the Federal Republic of Germany refuses this – no matter who comes from whom that comes. As a state we also have the task of protecting our economy before such attacks."

As long as the US government are not threatened any consequences, the secret services will continue to make unaffected, as the criticism of the Federal Government is only to be understood as superfluous rhetoric, at least this was so far so.

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