Kanban project management: trello with new views, cards and design

Kanban Project Management: Trello with new views, cards and design

Trello celebrates its ten-year birthday and provider Atlassian equips project management software with some additional functions. In addition, FUNF new views, including the timeline, is the tasks as a bar – similar to the Gantt charts. So users should survey the planned temporal course of a project including his past and upcoming phases.

The tabular view should provide an overall picture of all boards. In it, information of all boards can be found again, which can be filtered and sorted according to relevant data. The calendar view arranges cards after their registered dating, during which the Dashboard summarizes details on the users and their capacity utilization and generally to the progress of the project.

Do all tasks directly in the Trello

Furthermore, cards can be combined with external content. These link Cards show, for example, documents from Google Drive or Dropbox, videos of YouTube as well as entries from Jira or other trello boards. On request, documents can also be edited directly in Trello, so that users can save multiple work steps.

Mirror Cards show the same content on each board. Updates the user such a card, the software synchronizes all mirrored entries. The designer also created the designer Hand: Trello receives a sidebar that should offer a view of the workspace. And also the appearance of the tool itself has updated atlassian.

All information about the update can be found in the Trello blog. Provider Atlassian has been promoting its cloud offers for Confluence and Jira since the end of 2020. The classic server licenses are no longer relevant for new customers, for on-premises installations, companies still remain the DataCenter licenses. Trello, however, started as a cloud offer.

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