“Jordis” one year in custody – amnestie international calls for “immediate freedom”

Protests on the evening of the 16th. October 2018, Placa Catalunya in Barcelona. Photo: CDR Raval

With the detention of Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez, the first repression level against the peaceful Catalan independence movement was seen a year ago in Spain

Exactly one year ago, Spanish repression reached the Catalan independence movement with the detention of the "Jordis" – Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez – a first high point. The two bosses of the coarse civil society organizations òMnium Cultural and Catalan National Congress (ANC) have been detained since then without charge.

Their detention was only the first repressive wink with the fence post of a "independent" Judicial in Madrid. Invented "revolt" was not after the passes on the 20th. September Made seriously, on which the construct is based, but only after the then Catalan Government Carles Puigdemont the independence on the 10th. October had conceded. He had immediately exposed again in the hope of an international mediation and a dialogue with Spain.

Putting the Jordis behind the castle and bars was the confirmation of the Spanish government that she was retained at its last dialogue refusal for years. It was a clear warning to the Puigdemont government and its members that they too were detained when they were trusted to realize the republic.

Meanwhile, it is known that next to the Jordis seven former ministers sit in Spanish cogs and in addition to Puigdemont also various government members in various European countries in exile, which, however, refuse all the delivery of politicians to Spain.

The brandy charges of the Spanish judiciary

It was already written to Telepolis much about the inventions of the Spanish judiciary, which were expected from the government in Madrid for legal experts from the judiciary. So mutated the alleged "revolt" Soon to the March on a kind of Catalan coup against Spain, whereby the absurd rebellion acclaim were set up.

Just the judiciary has only reconstructed what the then government had given under Mariano Rajoy. The fabulated months before from an alleged "coup attempt" Catalans.

In the meantime was waited and provoked. Finally, you found in the past 20. September in front of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, with other ministries in search of the material for the referendum on 1. October was searched, the occasion on which the absurd construct was built.

The fact that the Guardia Civil Civil Civil Civil Civil Ministry of Economy – such property will not be classified as violence in Spanish criminal law – served as a result of the judge Pablo Llara, even his "rebellion" invent.

That this is a march, internationally long styled. That now also the human rights organization Amnesty International (AI) the "immediate" the "Jordis" calls, that makes it clear again. "There is No Justification for Keeping Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart in Pre-Trial Detention and WE Reiterate Our Call for Their Immediate Release."

The fact that the investigative judge Llarenas Supreme Court has even denied the suspension of the injured trial, just au for one "Earnable restriction" of fundamental rights. It should be noted that Llarena had prevented with threadbilding reasons even against claims of the UN Human Rights Committee that Sànchez could be chosen to the Catalan head of government.


It is known that the independent German judges in Schleswig-Holstein Llararas had not bought bought in the ie of delivery of Carles Puigdemont. The judges at the Higher Regional Court found in the passes on and after the 20. September not even sufficient violence for a banal landfill. Belgium, Great Britain and Switzerland also see political advances and refuse the deliveries of government members.

Protests on the evening of the 16th. October 2018, Placa Catalunya in Barcelona. Photo: CDR Raval

In Spain, there are leading lawyers such as Joaquin Urias not only for "nonsense", that the Jordis for one "Demonstration call" infertile. "The idea of a secret conspiracy of the independence standards for a violent uprising against the state is so childish that it sounds surrealistic and does not correspond to the reality", The professor at the University of Seville was tweeted on the anniversary.

The catching rightliter, who already from one "(Legal) coup" Spain spoken against Catalonia is destroyed that the Ministry of Procuratorate also consists of these allegations under the new Social Democratic Government.

New details, one year later

But back to the trials a year ago. Amazing was not only that the repression against the Jordis was not after the 20. September was started, but only after Puigdemonts independence declaration. Meanwhile, more details have come to light that suggest that another scenario was planned.

It was always questionable why the Guardia Civil parked the Jeeps directly in front of the ministry and they stayed there as it came to the calls to protest at the Ministry against the raids. The fact that sharp weapons were in the car was also known.

Unknown but has so far been that the paramilitars have refused to get them from the cars. Different proposals, including the Regional Police Mossos D’Esquadra wanted to create a corridor through the demonstrators to the cars to take them out, rejected the Paramilar’s.

Not even the weapons from the cars stood in the parking lot of the Ministry were eliminated. When the ANC reached the messages that weapons are in the jeeps, they were shielded by a human chain from ANC members so they can not be highlighted.

Although it has also been proven about videos that Llarena lugs when he claims, Cuixart and Sànchez had supposedly not tried to dissipate the assembly in front of the Ministry to allow the deduction of the paramilitars, the prosecutors continue to be stuck to the absurd rebellion rugged.

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