Jordi sànchez is said to be on 12. Marz catalan prasident

Jordi Sànchez is said to be at the 12th Marz Catalan Prasident

Torrent suggest Jordi Sànchez as Catalon President instead of Puigdemont. Image: parliament de catalunya

The imprisoned politician has applied for the investigation judge for the investment of adhesion

After the Catalan Parliamentary Program of Roger Torrent had consulted all parties on Monday, he suggested Jordi Sànchez to the Prasidential Candidate, who alleged "revolt" Since the 15. October sitting in the Spanish Knast Estremera. On Tuesday Torrent put the inity on the 12. Marz, as his republican left (ERC) had finally put behind Sànchez, who had had some days before. Puigdemont was in Brussel Exil last week "Page", After his investment was prevented from the Spanish government on the judiciary and had proposed Sànchez.

Torrent had found in his consultations on Monday that it is the only candidate who has a chance of a majority. In the camp of the Spanish Unionists, no one is ready for the candidacy anyway, since every majority was missing. The independence parties received the majority again in the compulsory elections made from Madrid against all Spanish expectations in the past December.

Sànchez lawyer immediately applied for the Spanish investigator Pablo Llara that the former boss of the "Catalan National Congress" (ANC), Second on the list of Puigdemonts "Together for Catalonia" (JXCAT), adhesion preservation. That called Jordi Pina, so that Sànchez Catalonia can also rule real. Adhesive conservation had previously received former ministers, which even the Llara even the clearly hard puniings "rebellion" accused.

Pina argues next to the "Presumption" Also, that there is no reasons for further imprisonment and with the freezing "on the adaquestest his rights and the rights of the Wahler guaranteed" will be. That he and the two imprisoned ex-ministers has so far been denied participation in parliamentary sessions, was one "Regrettable backrest in the protection of bourgeois and political rights". The explained Pina with a view to a potential "Confirmation of Spain in front of the European Court of Justice for Human Rights". In Strabburg, Pina wants to carry out an early decision, the judge Llarena should try to prevent the investment of Sànchez.

Jordi Sanchez. Image: R. Stretch

Puigdemont wants to bring Spain into a Zwickmuhle

The Spanish catch right of Javier Perez Royo says it’s even goods "Legal diffraction against democracy", If Llarena Sànchez should prohibit participation in the investment. He became "punishable" make and lose his judge powers. That’s all on all "Fruheren decisions" the end. The charges for turmoil and rebellion keep Royo and other lawyers anyway "grotesque", Because Dafur violence is mandatory.

Puigdemont wants to bring Spain into a Zwickmuhle, as previously indispensable members of the Basque Underground Organization ETA was allowed to participate in parliamentary meetings. Thus, the prisoner of inquiry Juan Karlos Ioldi also allowed his candidacy to compete in the Basque parliament, which was convicted later for ETA membership, storage of war weapons and heavy body injury.

The ERC was not really really for Sànchez, but wanted to nominate her detainable party leader Oriol Junqueras, but still prefers to have a candidate that can act effectively and can scroll off the forced administration. She steered in the preservation of the unit but on Monday. In the Republican camp, however, it ames that Spain will prevent the investment of Sànchez.

It is not yet secured because the left radical Cup wants to contain the rather Puigdemont and at a course of the "Disobedience" to enforce the Catalan Republic. The anti-capitists are explained, one can not support in the autonomous framework. A little outside the Catalan Republic you will not negotiate. In need, Sànchez could be chosen without the four votes of the Cup, Puigdemont and Toni Comin from Brussel had to do without their seats, as previously three more former ministers that have Puigdemont in Belgium.

Fear court draws decisions further

On Tuesday, the committee court again debated whether the praventive complaint of the right government is adopted, with which the candidacy Puigdemonts has previously been prevented. The judges want to ask if the new situation has become progressed. as "very strange" I had high-ranking lawyers that the judges "Preliminary maws" had filed without the amption to decide.

With this trick, Puigdemont’s investiture was prevented in January. And even now, so you can not say it differently, the judges have further printed around a decision. They only decided on Tuesday "Involved" to ask if the complaint has not become logging out. This is meant by course the government under Mariano Rajoy. They were again tapped for 10 days, while the leading macers followed by nobody had requested. So Rajoy, who had filed the complaint without placement of the State Jurists, offered an orderly backward path, so that the judges do not decide and have to gift. In the view of catching entitlements, the court must reject a praventive complaint, the court was otherwise the "Strike" be punishable.

At the request of the Unionists, the judges also proliferated another strand complaint. They believe that the two-month period for government education has long been running, as the investiture of Puigdemont had failed at the end of January. By contrast, the legal experts of Parliament had explained that it has not come. Preliminary maws were not considered, but the prere to promote government formation is stronger, finally the court could determine after the expiration of the two months end of Marz that the deadline has expired and again expose new elections under Spanish compulsory administration if no government is.

You still wait, probably up to St. Neverstag, but on the fact that the General Court caught up with the two lawsuits filed against the application of paragraph 155 with which the Catalan Government and Parliament has been defined and Catalonia under forced management. Both adopted were adopted, as the beginning court apparently has a serious doubt that the procedure of the Spanish government is covered against Catalonia. But here no leading protective measures were avoided to prevent worse damage to fundamental rights, democracy and electoral wads. That sets up the commitment court with its very striking approach – in the sense of the government – just again.

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