Java: mandrel – new community edition of graalvm for quarkus appeared

Java: Mandrel - New Community edition of Graalvm for Quarkus appeared

Red has and the community behind the GRAAlVM virtual machine implemented in Java have launched a new downstream edition of Graalvm named Mandrel. The distribution should be the Red-Hat Build of the 2019 Java Framework Quarkus exports.

Mandrel, a regular OpenJDK with a native Graalvm image

According to Red Hat, Mandrel is a regular OpenJDK with specially packed native Graalvm image. It is one of one "downstream", So Downstream Open Source Distribution to the Graalvm, the Red has developed together with the Community of Graalvm – apparently in coordination on existing elements -. The concept is widespread, well-known examples of downstream projects are Fedora and Centsos (as Downstream to Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and OKD (as Downstream to Kubernetes).

The new distribution should generate key functions of Quarkus exports and native exportable files. Mandrel apparently supports the Java Flight Recorder, which is also adapted for the Graalvm.

Java’s future in the land of containers – with quarkus

Behind the release are strategic considerations on how Java should assert itself in the midst of a world with container technologies, Microservices and Kubernet’s art – not just as a language, but as an okosystem with libraries and frameworks.

Quarkus is tailored according to the virtual machine GRAAlVM, which is used as an okosystem and shared runtime for Java, but also for some other programming languages, especially for projects "slender" Cutting, which should take little resources. Quarkus uses the APIs of Graalvm. Quarcus-native applications should require less storage space according to the provider, the throughput is apparently handled more through scaling and elasticity – similar to Kubernetes. The faster starting speed should also go here (as with Kubernetes) at the expense of dynamic runtime behavior.

More about Quarkus and further information about Mandrel

The Red-Hat Build of Quarkus should be suitable for production according to the provider for production and represents a fully supported Java application for Kubernetes and Serverless. With GraAlVM, according to Release Notes Quarkus applications can be recompounded up to native binary files to be compatible in the cloud and with Kubernetes (this feature is currently still in Preview phase).

Further information can be found in the Release Notes of Red Hat. The current release of the Graalvm is version 20.1. To Quarkus, interested parties can be found in Michael Simons heise developer "take a look over the box". Currently, the Open Source Framework in Version 1.4, the first stable release reached it at the end of November 2019.

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