Ix workshop: secure windows 10 in the company (additional date)

IX Workshop: Secure Windows 10 in the company (additional date)

– Additional date due to high demand –

In the two-day online decoration of Windows 10 in the company, Admins and security experts learn to know the security mechanisms of current Windows 10 versions and apply them in practice. On the basis of numerous examples, the course deals with the interaction of the various security mechanisms and tools in Windows as well as umbrella organizational ies. Also typical attack scenarios come to the language. The workshop takes into account both classic on-premises scenarios as well as hybrid models in combination with Azure Active Directory and Intune.

The workshop finds an interactive online course on 22. and 23. June to take place comfortably with browser and headset from home or workplace. He is limited to 20 participants, so much room for their questions and talking. Participants should have Windows basic knowledge and familiarize with PowerShell, SCCM and Group Policy. The speaker Christian Behler studied information management and IT security. His main topics are the security of networks and applications in classic, modern and hybrid Windows environments.

When booking up to 25.5. Get 10% Frubbucherrabatt. It is an additional date of the workshop due to high demand. He finds planned again on the 12th. and 13. October instead.

  • Safety of Windows 10 in the company, Onlinekurs, 22.-23.6.: Further information and registration
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