Ipod mac mini was in planning

At Apple, the various models of Macs, iPhones, iPad Co are created over time over time. Sometimes they escape these devices that did not make it out of a prototype stage in the world outside the holy halls Cupertinos. For years ago, about a MacBook Pro was set with UMTS antenna on eBay – though Apple’s professional notebooks still come today without integrated mobile radio connection.

Dock connection on the top

Now another prototype has appeared on the net. A Twitter Account specializing in electronics leaks, allegedly sitting in China, posted several recordings of an old Mac Mini, which has a peculiarity: he has a 30-pin dock connection, the Apple once for iPods used. However, this does not seem to be for all iPod models, but only for the compact iPod nano of the first generation.

It should be a so-called EVT model – that stands for "Engineering Validation Test". These are engineering prototypes that should show whether a basic design works and corresponds to the specified specifications – from the EVT, however, it is a long way to the actual product. This was not taken in this case by Apple; The development was canceled. When exactly that was and which history hides behind it remains unclear.

Logical development

From the former state of the things, the iPod Mac mini was not unattractive: the iPod sold outstanding at that time and was a new Successara Apple. To connect him to this way with a Mac, so looks logical. The iPod nano of the first generation came on the market in the fall of 2005.

Nowadays, such a design did not make sense anymore. Apple has officially buried the dock port in autumn 2014 – it acts massively roughly roughly coarse compared to the Lightning Connector used since then. The iPod is only sold in quite small stucco numbers, users use their iPhone as a music player. The design of the Mac Mini now looks different.

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