Internet companies: online advertising is also without tracking

Internet companies: Online advertising is also without tracking

In an open letter, 14 long-established Internet companies have called for an end to the monitoring-based advertisement. To the signatories NextCloud, Proton Technologies, Duckduck Go and StartPage / StartMail.

The companies can thus be an initiative of consumer organizations, burger rights groups and privacy experts. The calls for anchoring a prohibition of monitoring-based advertising in the planned Digital Services Act of the EU.

Counteract monopoly tendencies

The signatories of the open letter illuminate the problem not only from the point of view of privacy and privacy, but also bring competitive aspects. Thus, monitoring-based advertising has been solidifying the position of already dominant companies, while this monopoly position in conjunction with complex supply chains and ineffective technology leads to sales pits at advertisers and providers of content.

Consumers are increasingly difficult, between "good" and "bad" To distinguish actures, as small and middle-class companies of the "Conscripts unscrupulous companies" be affected.

The signatories claim that advertising also functions without leveraging consumers and that alternatives are possible without coarse sales pits. As proof, they drove their own business models into the field, which are successful after this pramisse.

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