Interim balance at man to truck platooning outdoors

Rides with crosslinked trucks on the test field of the A9 are "safe, work technically reliable and can be used well in everyday life of a logistics company". To this result, the partners of the research project "Electronic drawbar" (EDDI) according to the world’s first practical test with "truck platoons" in real logistics operation, to which Man Truck Bus, DB Schenker and the University of Fresenius. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure demanded the initiative with around 1.9 million euros.

Only all 2000 kilometers manually intervened

Two man-limits were digitally networked for the pilot project and drove in this state with a distance from 15 to 21 meters. They were in the evening and at night and put a total of around 35 between August and December.000 kilometers back. The rear truck together responded in synchronism without active intervention of the driver, but should always keep his hands at the wheel. In the case of inseruing road users or before highway construction, the platoon loose.

The system equipped with different cameras, radar and Lidar has a "high robustness" shown and "98 percent smoothly" worked. "Only every 2,000 kilometers we had to intervene manually," explained Joachim Drees, CEO MAN TRUCK Bus, on Friday at the presentation of the results in Berlin. This is a "very good value". On the other hand, the expectations that driving in the windshade save about ten percent fuel spare. Drees estimated the actual fuel saving with "three to four percent".

Also this is a CO2 reduction and is still expanded, emphasized the boss of the truck farmer. He explained the deviation, among other things, that not the latest, with instruments such as "Efficient Cruise Roll "Equipped Brummis had been used, as the highest speed was strictly crimped to 80 percent for the attempt. More efficient variants were slightly at the downhill. In addition, the A9 on the test track between Munchen and Nurnberg is very busy, so that the convoy comparatively frequently had to be dissolved automatically.

Stronger abstons offer further potential

The trucks were also tighter with a distance of up to 12.5 meters, Drees explained further savings potential. Overall, he sees in the project an "important step towards automated driving". Beyond the two-plato, threesome or four-bond "no longer a rough technical challenge more" are made and could be made "relatively fast series ready". But it is still about finding the right business model for that. In front of 2023 he does not count with digital drawbar rides in the coarse style in Europe.

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