Intel company mobereye hopes for robotaxi service in germany from 2022

Intel company Mobereye hopes for Robotaxi service in Germany from 2022

The Intel subsidiary company MobileEye can introduce the start of your first Robotaxi service in Germany 2022. "If all the conditions fit, we were happy to come to Germany from the next year," said Mobileye Manager Johann Jandwirth World on Sunday. However, legal conditions were notified: "I was happy if the Bundestag, Federal Council and Ministry of Transport can help the appropriate framework."

Mobileye hopes for a law for autonomous driving, which could be decided in summer. But there are discrepancies between the Federal Transport and Federal Ministry of Justice, which, among other things, concerns the use of the collected data.

Test in Germany already runs

The company has been testing self-propelled cars in Germany since last summer. In the coming year, Mobereye wants to bring a completely automatic robotaxi service to the strain in Jerusalem, where the company is the company’s headquarters. Last year, Jufwirth still said, the time for the start of such a service in Germany will depend mainly by the legal basis.

For the first Robotaxi services, the vehicles are traveling in a frosted area with most favorable traffic conditions. The Google Sister Society Waymo, for example, launched her commercial robotaxi service for some inhabitants of a suburb of the city of Phoenix in the US state of Arizona. But it will not stay: So the General Motors subsidiary Cruise sat down the goal of bringing Robotaxis into the straws of San Francisco.

Driverless delivery truck planned

Mobileye is one of many developers of technology to drive to autonomous driving, which make hopes for a place in art vehicles. In addition to Waymo and Cruise also coarse carmakers and industry suppliers, Apple and various start-ups.

Only a few days ago became known that Mobileye technology comes in driverless delivery vanes, which 2023 should record the control mode. The vehicle developer Udelv wants up to 2028 more than 35.To market this self-propelled transporter. Technique of the company from Intel 2017 is also available in many driving assistance systems today’s cars.

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