Intel ceo: 10 nanometer processor “alder lake” comes 2021

Intel’s third processoreration with its own 10-nanometer technology should appear in 2021: Alder Lake. Currently, patterns are sent to partners, as Intel boss bob Swan revealed in the analyst conference to the youngest business figures. Pre-series models of the server processor Sapphire Rapids wants to distribute Intel to the end of the year – Sapphire Rapids-SP follows on Ice Lake-SP.

Alder Lake, according to previous leads, appears on both febooks and for desktop PCs. The latter get the 11 before. Core Generation Rocket Lake-S, which inserts Intel with another 14 Nm infusion, apparently but only a low priority has. In the analyst conference (webcast, transcript at Seekingalpha) Excess Intel Manager Rocket Lake-S not with a syllable.

The publication planes seem confused: in spring 2021, for notebooks Tiger Lake-H (45-watt class, 10 nm) stands with eight CPU cores; For Desktop PCs said Rocket Lake S Generation. Their lifetime was allowed to be comparatively short if the first Alder Lakes should appear until the end of the year. In the 12. Core generation combines Intel Grobe Cove Core with economical atomic nuclei for hybrid operation, analogous to Big-Little in smartphones and tablets.

TSMC also after 2022 an option

From 2023 Intel wants to return to a better foreseeable imagination cadence, but also does not take the use of foreign manufacturing processes. Due to delays in its own roadmap, Intel will produce from 2021 coarse projects at TSMC, including parts of the server multi-chip GPU Ponte Vecchio.

In early 2021, Intel decides which manufacturing technology for the 2023 and 2024 products is to be used: "[We use] Probably a mixture to ensure that we have 2023 and 2024 have a predictable cadenz of husbandry products, as we believe to have 2020, 2021 and 2022", Sudan said.

"Fuhrungsprodukte" Sounding very optimistic due to AMD’s strong competition – real confidence from the CEO only radiates for the later years: "In 2022 we have another big product range and I am increasingly confident that our products will be driving for 2023 – either with our own 7-nm technology, external manufacturing processes or a combination". In case of doubt, chip designs love port to TSMC’s own 7-nm process or vice versa.

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