Inclusive numbers 2-2018

Inclusive numbers 2-2018

It is currently good for the automakers. At the certainly not bad, first half of 2017, they were again 2.9 percent more new cars in the first six months of this year. This is quite amazingly amazing against the background of the current debate about exhaust standards, especially since the private ones received the private ones.

Sinking diesel content

A trend that has been showing for a long time, continues: there are fewer new cars with diesel engine bought. At the same period of the previous year, the self-cord lost again 20 percent. With 32.1 percent, he is only under a third of all new ones. Individual manufacturers carry with their tactics to switch new cars to new exhaust standards shortly before the statutory obligation. Ironically, the market fufer Volkswagen, who has expired the exhaust scandal with his fraud, is particularly clear in this regard.

For customers who do not inform themselves, this is as arranged as for the handlers on site. Because the needs to be approved by the end of August all vehicles, which have the maximum of the exhaust standard Euro 6b have approved – no matter how. From the 1. September 2018 these cars can no longer be admitted throughout the EU for the first time. The closer the conversion of production to the new standard and the legal deadline, the harder it will be for the handlers. Until the fourth quarter of 2018, there was therefore a wide range of day-to-day.

Gasoline asked

Many customers now do not deviate to alternative drives, but buy petrolers who have a total share of 63.1 percent. This corresponds to an increase in the same period of the previous year of 16.3 percent. But even here is imminent: often these new cars also fulfill only the exhaust standard Euro 6b. For direct injection, the change to the Euro 6c but the maximum permitted particle number is reduced. Most gasoline direct injectors will only create this with a particle filter that lacks many cars that were admitted for the first time in the first two quarters. These new car buyers soon drive a car that does not match the current exhaust standard anymore.

This circumstance could soon be quite aware of them, because the increased fine dust content of their young vehicles will be at the center of the nextest campaigns of environmental organizations. Not wrong, because the fine dust is lung gauge and thus healthy highest. Similar to Euro-5 diesel, which were still newly sold three years ago, these cars threatens the early dressing as an "alter gasoline", combined with the note that "these dirt shafts are immediately disposed of".

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