In 175 years ago, photography arrived her triumph

The birth of photography was a social event: on 19. August 1839 the invention was presented in the Parisian Academy of Sciences with all technical details and repeated as a gift of humanity. The French state had bought the inventor Louis Jacques Made Daguerre’s rights to the procedure and was free for free use for all. The often and even dead-scanned photography has since made an unprecedented victory train around the world since then in their 175-year history.

"Mirror with thought"

Immediately from the beginning, people immediately started fire for the "Mirror with thought", How the daguerreotypia camera was also called. In the contemporary press was ironically "Daguerreotypomania" the speech. FotoAteliers emerged in almost every coast city. At first, construction, monument, artificial cluster and soon also prominent personnel. And also laity was active right from the start: especially when traveling, you already tried to banish your experiences in pictures in the start of photography. And the interest was roughly: As early as 1893, the company met for the demands of amateur photography in Hamburg.

However, the photograph of the recognized art form the photograph was only in the spatements of 1960s and Fruhen 1970s, because artists like Gerhard Richter or Sigmar Polke started to work with her. In the US, the representatives of the country documented their works with photos, also in conceptual art, photography played a rough role.

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