Imac m1 from the inside: not much in it, bad repairable

IMac M1 from the inside: not much in it, bad repairable

Apple’s completely redesigned iMac with Apple-Silicon-SOC impresses with its Dunnes housing, which lit the all-in-one machine almost like a pure screen. Nevertheless, the Mac manufacturer had apparently little difficulty to accommodate the individual components, as a first Teardown velvet is demonstrated. Motherboard with central hardware stuck in "chin" the machine, the big part is only out of the screen, found the repair specialists from iFixit.

A flat glass

Disassembling the iMac M1 is a bit lighter than the process, because the entire front front of glass consists. Accordingly, no chin of metal blocks access. However, Apple once again sets a lot of adhesive to keep the display and machine together. The screen should only be allowed to remove and replace with special tools, even if it is the most easy accessible component.

IMac M1 from the inside: not much in it, bad repairable

Power supply with Ethernet

The compact motherboard contains one loaded SSD and RAM modules that are married to the M1 package. Thus, their exchange is only possible for real hardcore core experts. This is reminiscent of Apple’s policy with his notebooks. Comparatively commendable that the power supply – since it is external – "exchanger trivial" leaves. A maintenance is "very difficult". Apple also packs the Ethernet socket here. Air, USB connections, headhortry port, on / off button and the webcam in the iMac M1, on the other hand "halfway modular" and exchangeable.

Mysterioser button

As showed, the models differ with each other: The entry-level version of the IMAC M1 with seven cores has a simplified cooling system with only one air with Heatsink, which is made by iFixit Mid-range model with eight cores on two airs, including heatpipe. Spabig: Apparently the motherboard comes with one "Mysterious button" including three LEDs whose meaning has not developed the Teardown experts. Appointed is a diagnostic function. Overall, IFIXIT criticized the youngest Apple product once more: The so-called Repairability Score, which specifies the repairability, lies according to the repair experts only at two out of ten points.

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