Identatatsuhrung: okta buys startup auth0 for 6.5 billion us dollars

Identatatsuhrung: Okta buys Startup Auth0 for 6.5 billion US dollars

The identity management provider OKTA buys the competitor Auth0. For the Argentine start-up Auth0, octa pays around 6.5 billion US dollars in the form of share shares of the California company. The platforms of the former competitors should first be continued, but over time the functions are integrated.

So far, both providers offer separate applications in the field of identity management for companies. Okta itself was last repeated by Gartner as "leader" Registered in the area of access management tools. Auth0 should still persist in the company as a defensive business unit, emerges from a message

By taking over the Argentine Auth0 becomes a fifth unicorn of the Sud American state. Thus, start-ups are called, which are worth more than one billion US dollar. The planned transaction must still be approved by the financial authorities and is expected to be up to 31. July 2021 to be completed. Last year, Okta had already initiated cooperation with the competitors Crowdstrike and Titanium and also called a collaboration with VMware and his Carbon Black.

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