“I earn freedom”: interview with the afghan photographer rada akbar

Rada Akbar is not yet 30 years old. But her last words has already formulated and sent to us last week. Rada Akbar was born in Afghanistan. She lives there and she works there as an independent artist and photojournalist.

Last week, the Afghan population was called to elect a new prasident. The Taliban threatened with striking. I did not want to keep away from that. She wrote us: "Without fear and proud I will be elections. I liked freedom and I deserve her because I want to live – not just survive."

Photos of Rada Akbar


We have become aware of the young woman on the website of Photocircle, which you can buy Akbars pictures. The provider of Fotokunst makes it possible to share photographers to share their profit. Part of the sales of a photo goes here to non-profit projects. Acvery supports with their pictures uber photocircle, including Syrian and Sudanese escape, strip social work in Macedonia and a school project for children in Bangladesh.

We were able to exchange with the young photographer via email over their profession and passion.

Why did you chop photography to print out?

Photography is changing the way you see things. It transforms your perception. Suddenly drop light, shapes, colors, textures, people, building, tree, flowers on. Everything around you looks different if you start to see the world as a photographer.

How to play art and photojournalism?

I have to say my art influences my photojournalistic work. She’ll let me fuck with every photo I put pushing. As an artist, I always try to find new ways to print my hatches. It’s just as a photojournalist for me. I want people to feel the soul in each image that I do.

Rada Akbar connects for her work art and journalism.

What is the work as a female photographer in Afghanistan?

When working in Afghanistan is always a challenge. There is no specific barriers for me because I’m trying to ignore them and focus on my work. As long as our society is unwilling to accept women who have independent life and work – just as the men do – it will always give people who are very hard to wear me from the way I live and work.

Have you already experienced infants?

Yes. When I photographed a woman who has lost her leg in a escape warehouse in Helmand Province, the people did not like there. They planned me to deceive. Two weeks before, this passed there a Canadian employee of the United Nations escape style (UNHCR).

At that time, I was hired at Deutsche Gesellschaft for International Cooperation (GIZ). They put two drivers for my stay in the camp. I just photographed as one of the drivers in panic to me and told me, we had to disappear right away. I rose immediately into the car. We fall in love the camp and the area. You have just explained to me that a shop owner has paid them that those who have moved to the camp before the Canadians have.

Why stay still in the country?

I still have hope for the future of Afghanistan, although it has become very scary and confusing here. And on the other hand, it is not so easy for Afghan burger to emigrate to another country.

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